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The Language of Wedding Cakes

Updated on October 3, 2009

The wedding cake is definitely an important of your wedding. You might think it's just a cake, but the wedding cake is the center piece of your reception. The eyes of every guest will be drawn to the layers of creamy frosting, and the shape of the cake.

The wedding cake topper is the crowning glory to the wedding expression. So, when you choose your wedding cake be sure it matches the style and theme of your wedding and reception. Perhaps picking out your wedding cake will be the most enjoyable thing about planning your marriage ceremony. But, don't settle for a cake that is inferior to the whole theme of your wedding.

The Wedding Cake Has A Lot To Say:

Obviously, your wedding cake will be displayed in a prominent place at your reception. Guests will take pictures of the treat, and the cake cutting ceremony symbolizes the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. So, naturally, you'll want the cake to reflect your personality. Additionally, the shape of the wedding cake plays a big role in your big day.

There are many shapes, such as round, square, oval, hexagon and octagon. Couples that prefer traditional cakes, usually, pick a round, tiered cake. Others, looking for a different cake might choose the square, or hexagonal cake.

Currently, more couples are wanting a simple, but elegant wedding cake. Some couples are choosing to serve mini-wedding cakes at the reception. These mini cakes are intricately decorated and each guest can have a personal sized wedding cake of their own. And, mini cakes can be made in many flavors that are sure to please individual pallets.

Some couples chose their wedding cake in relation to a special memory within their relationship. If you like to dance the cake could be a beautiful ballroom. The significance of your wedding cake is limited only by your imagination. It is your special day, you might as well have a cake that will remain a special memory of your special day.

The Wedding Cake Topper:

The day of the dull, generic bride and groom wedding cake topper is gone. Today, there are thousands of toppers to choose from, and some are made by special order. Choosing a wedding cake topper can take as much time as the decision of what type of cake to serve.

Monogram cake toppers is an elegant choice. A classy topper that serves a dual purpose because it can be use to monogram the napkins, tablecloths, and party favors to create a unified wedding theme.

Personalized cake toppers can be found at many cake designer bakeries. Custom figures can be realistic, impressions, or fantasies of whatever the couple wishes it to be. Although these toppers do not come cheat, they can make a big splash at your reception.

Themed cake toppers will match the overall subject of your wedding. For instance, a western wedding could have two pairs of cowboy boots, a medieval wedding could have a knight and his lady, or two doctors might choose a stethoscope and thermometer for the cake toppers.

Wedding cake toppers are available in about as many materials as there are shapes and themes. Some high-end toppers can be made with crystal, porcelain or ceramic. More affordable ones are usually made out of acrylic. And, if you have a unlimited budget, you might want to choose cake toppers made out of jade, silver, gold or bronze. But, keep in mind, cake toppers can be heavy, so be sure to get advice from your cake designer before make the purchase.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Have Been Re-Designed

Most people suppose the traditional wedding cake is what they'll serve at their wedding reception. But, some couples are choosing to radically redefine the look and style of the typical wedding cake. Instead of the tiered white cake topped by the typical bride and groom cake topper, some cake toppers are created in a resemblance to the bride and groom. Talented craftspeople can design toppers of you and your fiance out of clay-like materials and can be made in any position or activity. Some artists are airbrushing pictures onto the cake.

Special Themes for Your Wedding Cake

If you really want to make a lasting impression, perhaps customizing your wedding cake will be your choice. The cake can match the reception hall, or an interest, hobby, or a passion shared by you as a couple.

Decoration and Accents For Your Cake

Decorations can jazz up your wedding cake, by using sugar paste flowers, seashells, even beading. The cake designer can use fondant to create extraordinary ribbons, bows, lace and other eye-catching embellishments.

Sculpting Your Wedding Cake

Bakers that offer wedding cake sculpting can create a cake that will show off their skills and talents. These are exceptional cakes that demand attention to detail. Choosing a sculpted cake will cost more than your average wedding cake.

Mini and Cup Cakes

If the cake design you choose will not be enough to feed a large group, you might opt for serving mini cakes or cupcakes. Smaller replicas of the big wedding cake are just as tasty and and beautifully decorated.

No matter what type of wedding cake or cake topper you finally choose, you and your finance are the only ones that should be happy with the wedding cake you choose.

Designer Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake


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