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The Male Moron Culture- Time to Go- NOW!

Updated on January 6, 2011
Some things are your business and nobody else's.
Some things are your business and nobody else's. | Source

There’s been a lot written about the abysmal performance of male students, and a general self-pitying approach to male roles in this new era in history. Sympathy can go only so far before “So what are you going to do about it?” comes into the picture.

Guys have problems, but we’re not allowed to admit it unless we’re also prepared to admit we want Mommy holding our hands, remember? Most guys would rather die, not without reason. Admitting weakness isn’t an option.

The problem is that not being able to deal with the facts is also now OK. The “Duhhh… Hyuck…” motif is in full force. Morons are funny. They have been, thanks to media formula dreck, for about 30 years. There wasn’t even such a word as “nerd”, but it got implanted in the generational crap machine way back. The result is a generation or so of guys who are educational and career cripples. They “Duhhh’d” themselves into this condition.

You want sympathy for that?

You’re not going to get it, ever.

Morons are useless enough. Self-inflicted morons are worse.

Social cripples are common subjects in media. Alcoholics used to be hilarious, too. Being poor used to be a real statement of something, nobody ever knew what. Then being a corporate jerk like Gordon Gecko or some damn Mafioso/gangsta/politician was cool.  People that actually did anything useful were largely ignored. Sleazy little professional nobodies became role models.

Even admiration for sports heroes got distorted beyond belief. The real champion sports people aren’t morons. They make careers out of making other people look stupid at a professional level. Somehow, “dumb culture” is also equated with success.

For God knows how long, women have been accused of being fashion driven. Men are if anything worse. There are guys in their 60s who’ve never grown up to the point of being something other than a cliché. This is the behavior of sheep, and not exactly bright sheep.

Then there’s the “self image” garbage, also largely fashion and media driven. Guys only care about image when it becomes a problem. In peer groups, it matters- Until you stop being a doormat and/or get yourself another peer group.

The self image thing also includes getting into bodybuilding an making a complete hash of yourself. Steroid abuse is more dangerous than a car accident. Testosterone, if it’s not your own, is equally dangerous. Many people can’t handle it. It makes Ice look all warm and fuzzy.

Then there’s the “role” thing.

The rhetoric keeps flying around like the fan will never stop. “What’s a male role in today’s society….?”

Well, what do you bloody think it is? Be a Smiley Face? Be a Sensitive New Age Vegetable? Do you even know who you are? Are you so damn terrified of being yourself that you can’t even ask that question?

And, inevitably, the “relationship issues” crap festival.

Again the clichés:

  • Be as selfish a brat as possible.
  • Be as ignorant as possible, or someone will think you have a brain.
  • Turn every single situation into a political issue where you can be as hypocritical and insincere as possible, and prove you’re a jerk to both yourself and everyone you know.
  • Eat with your nostrils, why don’t you?
  • Act like a Prima Donna and expect applause.

Guys destroy perfectly good relationships because they want to be part of some stupid adolescent group and keep acting like infants. Does it sound smart? Does it sound like you’ve got any status except “One of the boys”, aka nobody much?

Not being an infantile jerk is something that men do. Men have responsibilities, little boys just achieve a high turnover in bed linen and mattresses.

Point made? 

This is behaviorism for 5 year olds. Even morons shouldn’t need to be told these things, and guys are doing these unbelievably idiotic things well into their 40s. Gotta have the latest load of garbage, gotta be in good with (insert list of nonentities here). This is a formula for being a self-inflicted second class citizen.

Let’s get this straight- Reality doesn’t take holidays. Your male reality is your responsibility. Sympathy, maybe, if justified, but don’t try living on excuses. That’s pure poison, and it never fails. An excuse-person is a non-person, even to themselves, after a while.


  • No, being a moron isn’t cool. Never has been. “Idiot” isn’t a compliment in any language on Earth.
  • If you want to be poor and unsuccessful, run with the sheep and be as dumb as they are.
  • Being a wimp unable to support yourself or finish a sentence without a social worker isn’t cool.
  • If you want to be a moron, go to your local tattoo parlor and get “Loser” etched into your forehead.

Whose life is it?

If you get put through the blender, who does the bleeding?

Who’s responsible for managing your problems?

If you want to be male, get your finger out. If you can’t be yourself, what can you be? That’s life and death on another level.  Survival isn’t about excuses. Be tougher on yourself than anyone else in this toilet paper society, and you’ll do well.

Be yourself, be a man, not a lost little boy, grow your own testosterone, and get your act together. Failure is not only not an option, it’s never been an option.


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    • Paul Wallis profile image

      Paul Wallis 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      It's a reflection of the realities of society that previous social orders, even from a generation ago, now seem so primitive. Hopefully, this generation will finally escape the "traditions" society has created in the last 50 years, and act objectively, not subjectively, like the "Me generation", etc. Men need to get a grip, not hang around in primary school until they're 40.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      The society was very stifling till the last generation. This if a fantastic advice and I wish you could spread it from one side to the other.