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The Matagorda ZionAncientz

Updated on July 14, 2017

2019 and Success

2019 is a very successful year. Queen Nubiposh lives in Sardonyx House. She is a Space Explorer. A few more people will get in contact with the ZionAncientz. At least 2 of them will become ZionAncientz. Once I can get 2 more to join the ZionAncientz I will have upheld my deal. Life is all about bartering. Green attire is worn a lot of the time. We are working on building Infinity Towers. The Infinity Tower grows like a mountain.

My website is the Qwadvekt one. There is a Qwadvekt Gaming Online Community. The QGOC connects with the Qwadvekt sector of Outer Space. There are hidden places in Matagorda, TX. These hidden Matagorda places also connect to the Qwadvekt sector of Outer Space. When you have free time, you need to research Matagorda, TX. There's a reason that it is near water. The Bermuda Triangle is also near water, isn't it?

3 year Time Limit

There is a 3 year time limit for me to increase my success. It will happen because I have the best fans. Interaction is done face to face in order to elevate Humans to the next level. What is the next level? People, a few people, need to become Resolamb Masters. 3 years are allowed to help Humans pass this level. It begins in 2017 and ends in 2020. The Resolamb Bachelors now exist.

There are a few individuals who want to live a life full of energy, fun, love, adventure, and excitement. These individuals wish that fairy tales are real.

Fairy Tales

Well, fairy tales are real. Some of us live in bliss. Who are we? We are ZionAncientz, in particular, Matagorda ZionAncientz. Dr. Steward HK is a member of Matagorda ZionAncientz. He was trained so that he can lead at least 2 other people to become ZionAncientz. So far, it looks as if Queen Nubiposh and King Clad might be those 2. Dr. Steward HK was trained very well by the old white man. The old white man was a student of the Black man and the African diaspora. Dr. Steward HK is still a student. He gains dozens of fans.

Book of Life

Will you have a Page in the Book of Life?

Anammelech exalts himself and blasphemies. He says that he created the Universe. He gains more power and control of the CATTLE. Computer dudes are doing their best to put out freelance code that will destroy Anammelech. Many citizens are working as Insiders. There is an evil agenda occurring right now.

Evil Agendas

It is an agenda that wants to get rid of a bunch of Humans. How? Through the use of bioweapons. Which group can they use to do so? Well, Radical Muslims, of course. It is an agenda that calls for the Aliens to overtake this planet. We, the ZionAncientz, will fight Satan tooth and nail. We do not want to see the Aliens succeed.

The Aliens will let the robotic humans exist. Those who are transhuman and who are robotically modified will be welcomed by the Aliens. The transhumans will be the Aliens' slaves and pets. The Aliens want to lower the number of Humans from billions to only 500,000. The Matagorda ZionAncientz are against that evil agenda.


Humans shall reign supreme. Dr. Steward HK is using his wealth to help destroy Anammelech. Dr. Steward HK feels that Queen Nubiposh is strong enough to resist Anammelech.

Lady Berdiah

Lady Berdiah is in Space. She is building her Infinity Tower. She is a b movie actress.

Queen Nubiposh has 4 different jobs. She is making some good money. Her Savings Account is now at 8,000 shekels. Her Stocks are increasing like crazy.

Reso Froth is going strong. The Protectors of Reso Froth watch over the people. Bliss is in the here and now. We are in 2017 June. Concentrate on strengthening your Family. Be decades ahead of the rest of humanity. Make spare time to defeat Prince Clad 2040: The Game.

Sardonyx Moon House

Queen Nubiposh buys a Sardonyx Moon House. She is pissed that Adino helped Anammelech build transhumans. Adino gave out secret data that really helped out the one eye. He gave out Codes that Dr. Steward HK was not going to release until later. After all, Adino had clearance to enter Resolamb Laboratories. The question is, How much information did Adino leak?

The year is 2019.

The Code to enter House of Chrysolyte is 209135.

The Code to enter House of Sardius is TIME

We are in 2017 July. Make spare time to defeat Dr. Steward HK's ZionAncientz 2019.

Anyone at all?

Will anyone ever be able to defeat Dr. Steward HK's ZionAncientz 2019?

King Clad makes his own school system. It doesn't teach the Big Bang theory. It doesn't teach about dinosaurs. Nor cavemen. It doesn't concentrate on Evolution. It teaches about Christian events. It is a strict school. The kids are not allowed to behave like little monkey heathens. The kids don't have to pay to attend his school. There is no tuition.

Only the best and brightest students attend. Economic background matters not here.

The year is 2020.

Master Clad is building a garage around his awesome Moonstand Spacecraft. Master Nubiposh builds another trap door. Master Clad verifies that Queen Lorana has possession of The Prepclad. Master Clad owes Queen Lorana for saving his life from The Assyrian. Queen Lorana is doing an excellent job protecting Cozzaline from other terrorist groups. She will not let terrorism develop in her country. She is making numerous arrests. Terroristic acts are not occurring in Cozzaline due to her vigilant efforts. She is figuring out a Plan on how to take down Shammah without killing him.

What's the point of recycling? Bombs are being blasted as we speak. Why try to preserve the earth when it's going to be destroyed anyway? Why waste the effort? There are people in power who choose to destroy the planet. It's just that simple.


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