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The Most Memorable Valentine's Day

Updated on February 13, 2014

In as much as love should be shared daily, yet Valentine’s Day is a day recognized as a day of love. This is a day we send romantic cards and gifts to those we love. Most people have shared and witnessed many Valentine’s Day that it may be difficult for most people to, distinctively, have a memorable Valentine’s Day. However, it is still imperative that we ask the question, do you have a memorable St. Valentine’s Day?

The writer asked the question because his answer is yes and he wonders how many persons would say yes. Those who know how romantic it is for one to find one’s first love on a Valentine’s Day would easily understand why such a day should be memorable. In the writer’s article, “The search for Gina,” it must be emphasized that it was on Valentine’s Day that the writer had the courage to make his feelings known to his first lover.

It is a memorable day because, that day, the love that roamed, freely, on the air gave the writer the impetus to go after the girl he loves. Little wonder, the letter that accompanied the gifts, that day, stated it boldly and without reservations, “The brightness and coldness of today has given me the impetus to seek for your love…I remember the first time we ever met, the sun was shining and love was roaming in air. You saw my eyes and the next thing you made at me. I was in love. I am so much in love with you…”

It is truly wonderful to have a memorable lover’s day and to make each year better than the last. However, it is definitely beautiful to find love on lover’s day and that is an everlasting memory especially if it is a love that worth the significance of the day, Lover’s Day.


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