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The Not-A-Dance Dance

Updated on May 15, 2014

"What is it?" "It's not a dance"

It has been a few years since I was in high school, but one of the things I had wanted to do and could never convince anyone to help me plan was something I figured would be called "Not-a-dance". We used to have what we called "stomps" - essentially a DJ at the high school gym, a few couples locked to each other all night, and the rest of the crowd shaking around to whatever beat was playing.

I though we might as well call it as it is, and not have a dance, or rather, have a dance but make it one where couples were uncomfortable and the playlist consitsted of songs about breaking up or angry duets and all of the other great music that is never played at a traditional dance. It would be an opportuntity to hear all of those great angry love ballads and not feel any awkward pressure to ask someone to dance. High school angst would be both captured and alleviated!

A sample playlist can be found below:


Love Bites

Everybody Hurts

Love Bites - The Theme of the Not-A-Dance

Separate Lives

What songs would you play?

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    • LornaDane profile image

      LornaDane 8 years ago from Roanoke, VA

      A fun one would be "Potential Break Up Song" by Aly & AJ. Then switch it up with "I Want You" by Elvis Costello and make the whole place uncomfortable.

    • jdnyc profile image

      JR 8 years ago from California

      "Love Bites" was basically the inspiration for the entire playlist, and it would probably be sufficient just to select songs by Def Lep - plenty of anger!

    • fortunerep profile image

      fortunerep 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I would play Def Lep and only them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great choices!!

    • jdnyc profile image

      JR 8 years ago from California

      Consider it added to the Playist! Thanks for visiting!

    • Mardi profile image

      Mardi 8 years ago from Western Canada and Texas

      How about some Stones? Maybe Dead Flowers, Miss You or Paint It Black?