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The Other Woman....Karma!!!

Updated on May 17, 2014

That thing called, "KARMA"

Karma in a nutshell is, whatever you do comes back to you. You have to ask yourself, "do you really think that a relationship formed based on infidelity, lies, and deception will prosper?" The age old answer to that is, No. If he was willing to cheat on the woman he has spent a life with and loves, what makes you think he won't do it to you? My own personal take is this, if it starts on a rocky foundation, it is already doomed. God will not bless mess shall I say.

Food for thought...

- You obviously don’t respect yourself if you are messing with someones man! Karma will get you eventually, unless his wife/girlfriend gets you first!

- Instead of love,trust, and laughter, what you get is happy NEVER after!

The Other Woman

Sadly to say, there are so many women who don't mind being the other woman. If a woman doesn't know off hand that he is unavailable and already attached to another woman, I can accept. However, when you find out about the girlfriend or the wife, that is your cue to walk away.

A WOMAN of virtue, value, and self worth would not enter or continue a relationship with a man who is unavailable. When you do so, it speaks volume about your character and you as a woman. How can you love yourself if you are willing to pursue a man that is already spoken for? No matter what he may say to you, when you find out about his current girlfriend or wife, a REAL woman knows how to walk away. My thing is, a woman should never want to see another woman hurt or in pain. Calling the girlfriend to tell her you want to give her some "information" is not a move a real woman would make. That phone call is your messy way of trying to break that woman.

If he is still madly in love with the woman he left for you, and still tells her so. He can still look at his ex like he did when they were together, and that passion still burns, You my dear have already lost. Whatever his reasoning for cheating, does not negate the fact that he still is in love with her, and may very well end up back with her.

Remember this...

- In order to be in a real relationship, your “boyfriend” cannot have a girlfriend or a wife!

- Being the Other Woman doesn’t make you special; it makes you a runner-up. Second place doesn’t get the prize.

A Real Man

The Other Woman

Does the Other Woman Ever Really Win?

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