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The Over-Glorification of Child Birth

Updated on July 31, 2012

Getting pregnant and giving birth is something that is glorified in many countries. As with many things, the USA manages to take this glorification to the extreme. Women are portrayed as being "heroes" - as are many other people for similarly silly reasons - in America. What is heroic about getting pregnant and having a child? There are no special skills involved. The most primitive people to the filthiest animals are capable of procreating with the utmost ease, yet for some reason we are force fed ideas of how "special" this all supposedly is.

This is a natural process that has become supposedly almost painless. The majority of modern American women get drugged up to a state of near unconsciousness and have their babies c-sectioned out of them. This is heroic? Child birth has gotten almost to the point of having your wisdom teeth out.

Inevitably everyone wants to feel special for some reason, and women like to be made felt special because of something that almost all women are capable of without any special training, education, knowledge or skill. Sure, families are happy when they have a child and rightly so, but this does not make parents "heroes" for raising children. If they have a child they are expected to raise it, without having to be called heroes or some other over-glorified title.

Americans tend to call almost everyone who does something mildly helpful for someone else or something that is slightly difficult a "hero". We see this on the local and national news everyday, when someone helps a cat stuck in a tree or changes someones tire on the side of a road a hero, and the reporter inevitably asks them, "Do you feel like a hero?", to which the inevitable answer is "No, anyone would have done it." There you have it. Calling everyone a hero who does something slightly helpful takes away the recognition that real "heroes" should have, who actually do something to save someone's life.

Again, the cult of the glorification of child birth attempts to make the everyday, banal, and mundane things that people and animals do into something extraordinary, which it isn't. It is a natural function of animals - including us - just like eating, sleeping, yawning, drinking etc., but for some reason nobody has been called a hero for sleeping the recommended 7 hours a day. On the contrary, people tend to be glorified for being able to function on little sleep.

Having children is also claimed to be a "Gift from God," but this obviously only applies to those parents who want a child. To those who are expecting unexpectedly it's not much of a gift, quite the contrary. There are many children given up for adoption or simply abandoned in trash cans or at hospitals. Who was this a gift to? It leads those involved into life long feelings of guilt, depression and feelings of abandonment.

Again, child birth is great and everything, don't get me wrong. But what's wrong with keeping these things private instead of making a big public show of happiness for the whole idea of "child birth" in general being the best thing ever? It's like anything else, some people enjoy it, others don't and yet others are indifferent.


Is child birth "heroic"?

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    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 5 years ago

      @nycgirl: thanks for voting and commenting! You're right, kids are like a fashion accessory to some people and it is obvious that they are in over their heads when they realize that you actually have to raise a child and not just recharge it like an iPhone. You'd think that this would be obvious to people, but unfortunately there are lots and lots of people out there who should never have had kids (many of these can be seen at Wal-Mart).

      @Pamela-anne: thanks for reading and commenting. Right, people are blowing something natural out of proportion and making it seem like some mythically difficult thing to accomplish, when it is really nothing special at all.

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      I have to say I don't see childbirth as an heroic act it is something that comes naturally to many species upon earth humans are the ones blowing it out of perportion as usual! Good hub thanks for sharing!

    • nycgrl profile image

      nycgrl 5 years ago from New York

      I must say I never thought about it from your viewpoint but I must agree with you. While childbirth is a miraculous and amazing thing, it is certainly not heroic. As you said, having a child is something that everyone can do and once you have a child you are actually obligated to raise it.

      I personally feel that there are so many bad parents out there especially now a days who just have no business having a child. It's like having a child is the new fashion accessory or iPhone that everyone must have. And some people should be honest with themselves and not have them. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Of course, there are tons of great parents out there and kudos to them for having and raising great kids. But you are right its not this thing to be celebrated like you are better than everyone else just because you procreated. Voted up!