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The Perfect Victim

Updated on December 10, 2010

Knowing what they are looking for criminals in their victims is a very important factor that will help us to maintain control over our own destiny. In this article we will conduct appropriate to avoid falling into the role of the "perfect victim" for the common criminal, how to identify a suspect without his being aware of it, an ingenious and simple way to develop a sixth sense that will serve antenna to detect the danger before a disaster happens and how to turn the code of criminal action against him, which makes any of his victims, but it is still the safest way to survive, perhaps the only effective.


There are social factors that influence the minds of many individuals coming to cause disorders such as psychosis, or some less serious envy for others and their property, hatred, anguish, in itself, moral adjustment problems to life in society. These factors are external and internal origin in the perception of "criminal", some of which are: overpopulation, unemployment, alcohol and drugs, family breakdown, violence in movies, mental weakness and absence training in moral values of the individual or his sick pleasure in doing damage and carry out action adventure. This combined with a desire for power and dominance over the other makes the individual find their mode of communicating with the rest of the world the way of physical violence, verbal and psychological intimidation to feel fully "satisfied" and alive. This is the animal to which we can find just around the corner who, anxious wait for their prey, which for the next could be you ...

VICTIM OR NOT VICTIM matter of deciding.

The most powerful weapon with which we human beings is our own mind, and solely responsible for your care you, are not and culture, society, or even your family. Being a victim or not eligible for criminals is in your hands, that is, you should avoid attitudes and habits that you can become an easy target.

An offender will generally choose the person who walks head down and distracted, projecting little confidence in itself, so it can easily abuse it. The criminals do not like the "victims" who could report problems or difficulties during the robbery, which seek to be fast in order to flee with the loot and sometimes being able to "entertain" causing serious bodily harm or killing the unwary to that do not fit this desire for referral to the authorities. Rare is the criminal who is released on a person sure of herself and her ability to be responsible for themselves and their actions. If you're an intuitive person and you're constantly on the alert for suspicious people or situations on top of that you know you can act appropriately, think clearly and make quick decisions to different situations, then I congratulate you, it is highly unlikely that you choose as a victim . I advise you every night before bed, develop strategies in your mind to different situations so be forewarned.


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