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The Power of Prayer in a Marriage

Updated on September 22, 2010

 Did you know you can actually save your marriage with prayer? The Bible speaks of a “Threefold Cord” that cannot be easily broken. By making the marriage vows in the presence of God and recognizing one’s obligation at all times to be pleasing to him. Wouldn’t we want to pray to him when things get so bad we feel we cannot cope? By praying to help our marriage we can get the endurance and power to endure any obstacle we may have. Since God is the originator of marriage by prayer we keep him in our marriage. By prayer he can help us to overcome our shortcomings so we may enhance our marriage. By prayer we can ask that we fulfill our part fully in the marriage knowing no one is perfect, but praying for help can help us to make the right choices and decisions.

It can help us when we are down and feel hopeless. When we feel there is no where to turn prayer can help us to endure any hardship our marriage is going through. It can help us to sustain and keep moving forward just when we feel we may want to quit. Relying on God by prayer he will help us through it. God gives husbands and wives an outline on what we should be doing in our marriage and that is located at Ephesians 5:22-29. Here it tells both husbands and wives how they should treat one another and this can be accomplished with the power of prayer so each one can fulfill their roles in the marriage.


We know we all struggle day to day to carry out the rightness we know in our own minds, however doing is another story. Because it’s always hard to keep on the straight and narrow, think about it; this is a person that at one time you never knew, this person was not part of your immediate family nor were they a part of you. You may have only thought of yourself at one time or another now here is this other person you must consider. However this is why prayer is so powerful because it gives you the power to consider this person and the power to act according to knowledge to deal respectfully with the one you love.


We have the natural inclination to be selfish and independent but by no means is this the way it was meant to be. Galatians 5:22 & 23 describes the fruitages of the spirit and this is how we should deal with one another in a marriage. It’s not easy and yes prayer can help us to achieve this. More than anything or anyone else that can help you; the power of prayer will enhance, sustain and strengthen your marriage.


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      Jenine 7 years ago

      OOO...deep. Great suggestion!