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The Pretty Woman Power Struggle

Updated on August 23, 2015

The reality of the "pretty woman."

You see a pretty woman and may think- she has it ALL- looks, beauty, charm and charisma. She has power and can get anyone or anything she wants. I bet she has men running to her, throwing themselves at her. Well, you could be right- for some pretty women this could be their very reality- getting catered to, given free things, having men hit on them all the time. The problem is, this isn't true for all and certainly not for many. She has the power- the power over those whom grace her presence and who encounter her, yet on the other side of the coin, the reality might be VERY different than what you imagine..

Imagine a female, with incredible looks, beauty beyond skin deep, charisma, class, and an air of royalty. You walk into a supermarket and no one greets you or says hi. People turn away trying their best to avoid you. Suddenly, someone rushes in your way or jumps in your space- in the most annoying, irritating way. Turns around, laughs and runs off. You think, you JERK?! You walk to an aisle, and someone suddenly rushes near or in front of you, again just to get in your way. You rush to a different section...suddenly some worker notices you, stares at you begrudgingly, and walks near you and bangs something loud, just to annoy you or get your attention. Ok holy CRAP you think..i can't even SHOP HERE WITHOUT BEING DISTURBED BY EVERY LOSER AROUND ME?? Finally, you somehow manage to rush your way through things and get to a checkout section. The cashier is friendly to the person in front of you- suddenly it's your turn- there's only tension. No greeting, no hi nothing. Just a cold blank stare, or negative energy towards you. Suddenly the cashier bangs something loud, just to be more negative. Still no greeting. Then, there's no total. You say..Excuse me what is the total??? they say "oh 18.22." Finally upon giving you your receipt, you get a dirty look and no greeting. While the cashier is gladly greeting the person behind you happily saying "how are you doing sir"?? glad that you stepped out of their presence. As you're leaving, people walking your way suddenly 'YELL" the minute they cross paths with you. Nice, thanks. as you're leaving the store, another employee who gave you a dirty look earlier suddenly decides to pull a trash can out of nowhere and almost hits you with it (intentionally). Oh ok thanks?!

You call to complain- because this is just too much. Welcome to the world of the beautiful woman. Now, this scenario doesn't happen to every 'beautiful woman' and im sure the same can happen to any person out there, but im giving a basic description or scenario of how many 'pretty women' might get treated and definitely the experiences I go through as a pretty woman who has positive energy and who stands out.

Rarely do you get positive kind reactions, kindness from others, anything normal- what you do get is a barrage of the most negative hideous treatment from people around you, in the most calculating disgusting and disturbing ways, which would leave anyone shocked and confused. When you walk into a restaurant or store- yes sometimes you get greeted or treated normally, but if you do, it's guaranteed it's usually followed by some kind of negative behavior, reaction, remark, or scenario. People make a big issue out of anything that pertains to you or try to create problems or issues where there are none. Most of the time you will receive some of the most backwards, rude and abusive treatment you can imagine. People slamming, banging things, throwing things- I even had a cashier throw a receipt at me once.

On the flip side, I am a kind passive person and after many of these encounters generally with a "please don't do something crazy to me vibe" projecting oozing from every part of my aura, which generally equates to "more of that craziness is going to ensue because you so desperately don't want it to." I generally tend to be very polite, kind, passive, well mannered, soft spoken, and trying anything to avoid any kind of drama- but unfortunately drama follows me whereveer i go created by all the jealous insecure people that surround me on a daily basis.

Ive had many people just blatantly WALK right into me. i've said...excuse me--but you're walking into me?? excuse me? they just laugh, and keep doing it. Many places I go to, people literally might mock me, be rude to me or even cruel. I can list hundreds of stories but I don't want to get back into memoryville of those awful experiences. Banned from restaurants, mistreated, bullied, credit cards thrown at me, people rude cruel, insulting my voice, tone, speech, telling me they can't hear me and forcing me to repeat myself 10 times before I finally say something, people picking fights with me, shoving things at me angrily, banging things the minute i get there, yelling in my ear, creating lots of unncessary noise around me, insulting or putting me down. The list is endless. You think the pretty woman has power- she darn well does. She has plenty of it. The beautiful woman has SO much power that those around her fight and struggle to dominate, abuse her put her down and do anything just to degrade or belittle her. Yes there are MANY rude people out there who abuse others especially these days, but the level of abuse a beautiful woman has to take, in a society full of extremely jealous and insecure disturbed human beings is something that is hard to comprehend. I can't tell you the number of times I've called managers having to complain about the most blatant abusive cruel treatment i've received from employees, over and over again for no reason. Many will go out of their way to be extra mean to me, and if I attempt to talk back to them, they just get worse or laugh. Most of the time, just going through a drive-thru at a simple restaurant is going to end in a bad experience where some or many employees were rude or abusive to me, for no valid reason or did something to put me down or make me feel bad.

The positive energy a beautiful woman might possess, her gorgeous looks, wonderful presence, rather than attract positive responses from others, only seem to attract hatred, negativity, envy hostility and jealousy. Because we are living in such a narcissistic society today, this scenario is all too common as opposed to people being nicer to, more doting or catering to a 'pretty woman', the complete opposite occurs. Most people think "well I bet she gets ANYTHING she wants, so, I hate her and im going to NOT cater to her and treat her like crap." The problem is, when over 95% of people think this way, then you will encounter a horrific scenario of someone with stand out beautiful looks, not only not being treated well or catered to in any form, but being abused, mistreated, harassed, dominated and literally persecuted.

The power struggle with men

But well you might think- she CERTAINLY can get any MAN she wants- RIGHT? I mean she is BEAUTIFUL? don't men ASPIRE to be with and have a beautiful woman by their side? Well yes- confident normal secure men do- maybe men of the 1950's? But we've living in the 21st century- the era of the 'highly narcissistic arrogant fragile ego driven shallow confused loss of identity male" that not only lacks true self confidence and a masculine identity, but is extremely insecure has a very fragile ego and who is in fact TERRIFIED of pretty women and the power they seemingly 'possess' over these men and others. Just like with most people out there, many beautiful women who appear to be 'powerful' will endure the disturbing power struggle with most people they encounter and with men especially. Most encounters with a human being WILL turn into a callous power struggle, of that person trying hard to dominate degrade, belittle, mistreat or abuse the 'pretty woman' (this can be the same for good looking men as well but doesn't happen as often). Most scenarios with humans I encounter, WILL turn into a power struggle. Rather than, Hi, how are's "WHY YOU SO SHY"????? "I CANT HEAR YOU"!!?!! People are constantly spewing negativity towards you, rather than being normal and positive. People are always judging or insulting you and finding any avenue to put you down. It gets so bad that just everyday normal interaction with human beings can turn into some form of an endless nightmare.

With men and dating, it's no different. You think- warm blooded mammalian human males with a high desire for SEX will surely NOT mistreat abuse reject or insult the very BEAUTIFUL woman they so aspire and desire to be with?! Surely this is not even possible? The pornography industry is one of the most prevalent and highly utilitzed out there in a society full of sex driven and highly sexually repressed males. There is no way that these men that sit in front of their computers daily, thinking about sex, masturbating to porn, fantasizing about all kinds of beautiful women in videos, in movies, celebrities, would encounter a real life goddess and do anything in their power to demean degrade the female and send her running off angry. Well, think again. This is unfortunately, the EXACT scenario many beautiful women encounter WHILE DATING, while meeting these men who are PURSUING sex, even men who are bluntly SEDUCING these very women will behave in the most abnormal irrational backwards way that makes NO rational sense while even in the pursuit of sex.

I've been on hundreds of dates- and I could write most of the horrible dating stories i've encountered. Yes, these horror stories happen to everyone and looks play little part in most of them. However, the kind of treatment I'm speaking of, happens regardless of dates and in general everyday scenarios with males, yet does seem to be worse with the males I meet, usually online due to the high level of predators, psychopaths, and socially dysfunctional males present online and their mental issues, baggage and being insecure. What i've witnessed is many males, intentionally forcibly being blatantly rude to me, degrading me in some form, mistreating me, and finding some kind of pleasure or enjoyment in it. Doing things in order to make me feel 'uncomfortable, upset' or trying to provoke some form of negative reaction out of me in order for me to either 'leave the date, express my dislike for the action or scenario, or just flat out be rude and disrespectful to me." Now why, would a male on a date seeking maybe something sexual or a relationship, just purposely want to INSULT and mistreat a female he meets who may or may not be a potential partner, who he has a chance with and even more shocking, someone who is incredibly beautiful, and a nice person, a good person or who has good qualities and characteristics??

The question STILL baffles me to this day. These males, who really have limited choices online for sure (as there can be many crazy, ugly, overweight, arrogant, cruel, mentally ill, dysfunctional females online), meet a woman who they know doesn't belong on a dating site- a woman who is so beautiful she should be taken by a hundred men fighting for her attention and for her, and rather than treat her like a queen, a goddess, heck even a human being, go out of their very way to be the MOST degrading, cruel, mean abusive and literally just sit there mockingly trying to upset or provoke her so that she's upset and never wants to talk to them again. Again HUH? What purpose does this serve? Sure maybe they are narcissists, control freaks or sociopaths who seek to control the scenario and rather than allow the beautiful woman any power or control, they seek to take full control and do things to reject her first, so that in their warped minds they can say that they controlled the sitaution and they left her first so that she has NO chance to reject them. Or maybe they're just really insecure and feel they're not good enough for her and couldn't live up to her, or her standards, or feel she might be high maintenance. Or, maybe they flat out feel uncomfortable around her because of the beauty and power she possesses over them and it makes them feel insecure or unworthy in general.

Whatever the reasoning for these males might be, in the end, they seek to have control and power over the situation and to dominate the 'beautiful woman' in some form or many forms. They have a need to have this power over the beautiful woman b/c of the power she possesses over them. A date with a male, can and will turn into a disturbing power struggle where the male will forcefully do anything he can in some form to mistreat abuse or try to break or bring the female down. So no, the male population out there is not fighting hard to win the attention of pretty or beautiful women, or even hitting on them, trying to get something sexual out of them, or trying to date them. The reality is, they cannot handle the presence of this beautiful woman and will fight hard to abuse attack torment, terrorize mistreat use or abuse her in any way they can.

I had a date once, where an old man took me to a concert. From the beginning, he refused to walk next to me and kept walking in front of me. I tried keeping up with him, talking to him. He talked to me at first, then slowly began ignoring me. He began talking to all the people around- another thing ive noticed with men on dates- they will be very stern, rude, serious, and almost mean towards me, but VERY friendly with the waiter/waitress, or random people around. In fact they will be OVERTLY kinder and much friendlier to random strangers, while they are treating me terribly. These same men will even be gawking at EVERY other woman, while treating his 'super hot beautiful date' like trash. It's as if they are taking the sexual energy of the beautiful woman and because of their inability to handle it they are projecting it everywhere else they can- it is a disturbing thing to witness.

So the old man was talking to everyone around me, being super friendly with them, while ignoring me. We waited in line 20 minutes and he continued ignoring me- i tried initiating conversation with him a few times, and he sort of brushed me off rudely. Finally i said excuse me, but do you have a problem with me? You're hardly talking to me and you're talking to everyone else- I can leave. He just kind of 'laughed' off to the side in a belittling way..and said while crossing his arms "well you're so COVERED"- ie attempting to insult my social skills or demeanor- while i am a gorgeous woman who is very friendly positive and nice. Rather than..ok wow, im this old man and my date is this super hot babe...let me show her off to other men out there- it was non-stop mistreatment, insulting, and putting me down. I was shocked...I hurtfully blurted out "im a VERY beautiful woman" attempting to say- well hey're an ugly wrinkled old guy and im young and must be out of your mind" (on top of the fact that im a positive friendly and kind person)

I can only imagine that most women who probably would've met this guy, probably would have ditched him. He was unattractive and looked very old. Regardless, this creepy old RUDE man acted as if he was BETTER than me!! He acted as if i was FAR inferior to him...and he had SO much above me?? this was due to of course being insecure around me, yet we are living in a society with these kinds of disturbed and warped people- people so insecure around beautiful women and so hateful towards them, that they will fight to insult harass and almost destroy their self esteem if they can-- even on a FIRST and ONLY date??? Rather than think...omg? my date is this BEAUTIFUL woman..and she's not stuck up, she's super friendly, and a great person..lucky me!!! this creepy old man did EVERYTHING in his power to try to insult me, make me feel bad, mock me, bring me down, and do anything hurtful insulting or rude. You see an old man and a young girl and think "how did HE get HER"??? in many realities it's "he's a JERK on a date treating his beautiful date lower than dirt." The silly reality is that most people look at me and the horrible dates I hang out with, thinking that very thing- gosh he's lucky to be with her? They think- how did HE get HER?? They have no idea that the very person who has a chance with me, is going to do everything in his power to put me down and treat me terribly just because they're insecure, rude, and can't handle being around a pretty woman.

I decided to stay to see the band, and the creepy old guy finally talked to me then and bought me food and drinks (lucky me). This was all about control- he was trying to bring me down, and control my emotions, have some control over the situation because of course i was 'powerful and beautiful and young' and he was 'old and wrinkled and had the tickets (in his mind). He was going to talk to me when he wanted to talk to me, and be mean to me and ignore me when he wanted- so he could be in control of when I was going to be happy or not during this concert. When we got to our seats, he refused to give me a ticket so I could go to the bathroom on my own- he decided he'd go with me- which was insulting and disturbing. He continued being a jerk and wasn't talking to me much- he was however hi-fiving and talking to all the old men around at the show and made friends with them--all while ignoring me. I left 20 minutes before the show ended and didn't say goodbye or thanks. I texted him later to say the band was great. He said 'well i figured you left to get out early." He tried to act as if I should be so thankful to him for the 'food and drinks and tickets' (for which he spent 30 dollars each on the tickets).

Then, I insulted him for the horrible way he treated me and how he acted as if he was so much better than me. I told him the reality of how he was an ugly old man and i was a young beautiful woman. He insulted my social skills claiming that "he had better social skills it was proven b/c he was talking to everyone around" while I had bad social skills. Yes, he had 'good' social skills bc/ he was ignoring his beautiful date and talking to others--quite disturbing. We had a heated texting match where I expressed to him that I was a model, an actress and have excellent social skills, speaking abilities, was highly intelligent, and young and beautiful. That he had no right to act as if he's better than me, and told him he was inferior. He told me about how he has a nice house nice cars, and so much money, and what a loser i am. He did everything to fight and act as if he was better than me and I was lesser than him.This lead to him, finally emailing me telling me he looked up my email and that he found my name and that I have a 'drug dealer' and that he's contacted the police for the drug dealing.

It's scary that, rather than enjoy the concert with a beautiful woman, this sick deranged male, spent an entire concert trying to bring me down, make me feel lesser than him, then afterwards try to get me to "thank him for the food and drinks" and act as if I should be so grateful to him for them. Then go on to act as if he's better than me, deludedly insult my social skills (while he is ignoring and belittling me trying to affect my self esteem), then create some false belief that I have a drug dealer, in order to dominate, degrade and belittle me to extremes that you can't believe exist. I'm a college educated, decent civil, polite nice kind sweet pretty female who just wanted to go to a show and have a good time. I got abused harassed belittled degraded insulted tormented by a very disturbed sociopathic old male just because he couldn't handle being around a pretty woman with power, felt insecure, and did everything to make me suffer. This scenario is a little extreme, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen from time to time. Most of them are just similar ones but a little less cruel however with most males doing anything to dominate, degrade, abuse insult or have power over a 'pretty female." Now, if you still think pretty women have all the power, think again-- this is a common theme for how many pretty women get treated by many of the dysfunctional misogynistic narcissistic males of this society today. So you think pretty women have all the power, can get any guy they want, have a horde of men rushing to their doorstep- think again- the stories I describe are more the reality of what a pretty woman has to deal with in this day and age- degradation, abuse, mistreatment, belittlement and harassment, domination games, power games and trips by disturbed angry males who can't handle these women and seek to control dominate or destroy them. It's a scary world out there and not one you can even fathom with the truth about many realities out there.


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