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The Psychology Of The Cheater Kind. What is behind those Roses?

Updated on May 4, 2013

Is 2013 and the flying cars are still unreachable for our budgets. Can you imagine how things would change after the first 'car accident' on space? Hopefully won't be an accident between a boss and his appointment secretary on space.

Can you imagine tuning in to your local news, and hearing about Mister CEO being pulled over, after a collision with a flying beetle? Insurance companies would have to change their strategies, adding up more headaches for our terrestrial problems. But, let's go to the reason for this hub.

Cheaters will be around forever and is a fact that they will be catching up with technology as we speak. Surely we can name several situations and catchy excuses from those cheaters. You ladies will understand and agree as you read.

We are going to break down and find out the real meaning behind certain phrases. Let's see:

  • You are the only one!

Well the only one who believes in that lie, because a man with a better brain will see this expression as overrated. Is better to put into action what we (guys) truly mean. A woman needs a man that can prove her that he is there for her in any situation. A hug + a kiss + a rose, will keep that woman in love for a long time.

  • I just went out with my friends...

And their girlfriends. A cheater cannot just settle with your love. He was born to enjoy life and women. Does he care about your feelings? Nope! More chances mean more variety. A cheater thinks that life is not forever...! Neither his ego!!

  • "She is only a friend...!"

With benefits...! When men get caught texting a new woman, they need to cover things up. They look into your eyes, and know how to work with your mind. He already investigated your past and your 'weakness.'

So, if hes tells you that "she" is only a friend. Beware! Women know women, and if you see the signs and you want to keep his love... just think again. Do you want to have a life with a cheater? Do you want to have kids with this person? Do yourself a favor: Look for a good excuse to get rid of him. We do not recommend the HIV+ thing; he might get sick and throw up on your beautiful and loyal cat. Meow!

Did we mention your name Hugh? I don't think so..!
Did we mention your name Hugh? I don't think so..! | Source
  • "Believe me! I've been faithfully yours from the beginning, Hun!

Well, as soon as you leave, I will log into my FB to check on that hot chick

A guy who is sincere, doesn't have to hide anything. Just a quick tip: His eyes get lost into the ceiling, just to say a romantic line. When a man thinks too much, he is 'multitasking' about you know what...! "I didn't have intercourse with that woman!" Did you believe him Hillary?

  • We only did it once!

As long as you didn't find about the other 'times.'

Once again, a cheater won't change overnight and 'over' that other woman. If he got caught, and you are still with him, maybe you are not ready to leave for financial reasons. You know your situation better. Sometimes, you already have kids together and school is extremely important. However, you need to put things in perspective and make your own decision.

The world is not over for you!
The world is not over for you! | Source
  • "I just got carried away..."

With who? The one your woman just found out about? Nice excuse! What about the others on Bebo, MySpace, Free Chat dot com, MSN... or Plenty of Fish...? Is so sad to know that technology is killing marriages and potential engagements. From Couch Potato to Internet potato, and now, "I got that hot pic from you on my IPad, Rachel."

  • "Can you forgive me? Do it for our kids..."

"And the other woman bills and her poor kids as well!" If you know that this man next to you is trying to fool you; take our advice: there are plenty of men better that this one. You need to reprogram the woman that this cheater took off guard for himself! Your life is more valuable than his fishing, hunting, or bowling. Thanks for reading this hub to the end... and having a nice laugh with us!


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi DDE, Well urges or not. These situations are from real events. Thanks for commenting!

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Sometimes people can't control their urges

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi the girls,

    Dependency grows from home. You have given us a perfect answer to this matter. Sometimes you have to love yourself in order to see life with a better scope from the heart.


    This has been a problem from the beginning of times. I wonder if is more publicized than before. The game has change scenarios, but is still cheating. Thanks for reading our hubs.


  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

    Life really hasn't changed all that much when it comes to cheaters..other than society is more accepting to the most it is a game, without rules, other than theirs..honest love/ monogomy seems to be hidden..where we don't know...well written and interesting hub.....

  • the girls profile image

    the girls 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

    I had a nice laugh Lord de Cross. They say who ever we are now is an outcome of our childhood. If a person can recognize that, he/she is on the way to his/her better self, i think. Everybody needs to enjoy life, the good way! :-)