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The Rose is withered

Updated on December 8, 2010

Long weekends always led me to discovery.... I was getting something from the refrigerator when finally I decided to bring it out. The Withered Rose. Indeed a long relationship left behind many things that became a reminder of the "happy times". 2006 Valentines was unforgettable, and happiest too... that rose just complete the day.

The happiest Valentine was also the last Valentine with him..... But life's not that sad...I mean I was not as sentimental as I was in 2007,...litlle by little I learned not to miss him...Until I was completely over him... he may still has a spot in my heart but just as someone who became a part of my life, and no more deeper meaning beyond..

 No more  sad stories to tell... Not all relationship that reached its ending is sad... It is sad only when you miss him and the things attached with him in your life...but time will come those memories will not matter anymore.

I  still miss him once in a while, but then reminders of him never made me sentimental anymore...When I think of him, what I remember is our happy moments together and the last time we were together...and I thank him somehow for my past...for temporarily passing my life when I thought I had no one but him and my dogs, when he was a constant companion during lonely long travel going home, for making me feel I have someone, when it seemed impossible for me to bridge gap with officemates... He somehow filled a void in my life which surprisingly healed slowly when he left....I just hope he is okey or if not I really hope and pray that he will recover quickly....

The rose is withered,love ended, friendship may begin...

I am not sure If I can still love a man the way I poured all my love to him, not even sure if I can still have a relationship after all...But I am Okey, if there is someone out there, I believe he will come, and if there's none, well maybe that is my destiny but it does not mean I will die of loneliness. I guess having those people who love me, and my dogs that constantly give me joy, and with God guiding me,   I don't think there is still room for sadness....

The rose is withered, but it could mean greater things ahead



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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Adela, turning emotions into words and making use of the experience by sharing it is making me feel fulfilled...thanks for your wishes hope it is still not too late (LOL)

    • Adela Rasta profile image

      Adela Rasta 6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      A very emotional piece, and one which I can relate to. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Hope you will find the right person out there who will appreciate you.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi W.E. When I wrote that piece I was totally out of it... or the just that I believe when you write you must put all your emotion to it as if it is still happening... thanks so much I really appreciate you, taking time to read my hubs..

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      I respect your honesty and willingness to share emotions. This may be difficult, I'm sure. It is well-written, a forceful and personal statement. I have some thoughts concerning your reflections, would like to say something supportive, but feel that it might be inappropriate to intrude at this point.