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The Sliding Scale of The Two Different Sexes

Updated on January 5, 2011

I was talking to a friend today about sex. Yes I said, it s-e-x. She was discussing a situation in which someone had called her a terrible name after she had sex with someone else. It really made me think quite a bit about the double standard of men and woman's sexual escapades. A man is more than capable of humping anything that moves without anyone thinking anything of it. However, when a woman does it, shes considered to be: dirty, promiscuous, and other names that can't be noted. This is my opinion on the topic.

The Sliding Scale of The Two Different Sexes

Im not going to get into the psychology behind why people have sex with random people. We're living in a society where its the norm. People may disagree with that, but take any trip to your local college campus and you'll see it first hand. Sex is nice, we all like sex. If we didn't we wouldn't be here today. We're all living proof that someone enjoyed the act of sexual intercourse. As human beings our animal instincts take over (or shall I say alcoholic instincts) and it just happens. It doesn't merely happen either, often it is a very enjoyable practice.

Society tells us that its what single men do. The "bachelors" if you will. Yet what about the "bachelorettes"? These woman love sex just as much as males. Yet when they have sex, they're wrong. There is something wrong with this picture. We're all supposed to be equals, after all. If you're having consensual safe sex with someone who is anyone else to say that you're wrong for doing it? I know religion can be a factor in this, but please just don't-- that is not where I am going with this. I am speaking from deep within me, the feminine me. Sex should never be grounds to make someone feel like crap.

In my own perfect world I live for the saying that I learned as a young child: "Treat others like you would like to be treated". I know its a simple saying, and that is why i love it so much. If I possibly could I'd smash that sliding scale in half. Woman, let your freak flag fly. Don't worry about those out there who disagree with it. The sliding scale is that of the 50's. This is 2011, baby.

A word of warning: During these escapades, please protect yourself. There is no need in the world for any other one night stand babies. Also, I've been told that Stds are no fun-- so keep it clean.

The Sliding Scale of The Two Different Sexes

** I do know that this article may offend more than one person. I'd apologize for that, if I saw a problem with it. However, writing to me is this amazing gift. Its one that allows you to be as honest as you'd like. This is my opinion, not: yours, his, or hers. Please respect that, I respect yours.


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