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The Soul In Balanced Polarities

Updated on October 15, 2009
DP & LR Same soul, share one body
DP & LR Same soul, share one body

Gender is polarity charge

Our soul essence, when we lay our bodies down, continues as this personality, and present gender as we are expressing with in this lifetime, for such time until we advance, at our own rate and timetable, to a level, whereby there is no reason to declare oneself either male or female, but to know we are in truth, again, in essence, fundamentally both of these genders, or, have been, referring to the illusion of linear timewalks (lives) both genders, according to what the oversoul decided was best to experience, in a particular life, one of many perhaps.

Many of us feel we may well lose something, in order to embrace these concepts. But there is no loss in living any life, there is only gain. There is freedom in knowing you have been, or are, presently both polarities, thereby all role playing can cease, and within relationship of the opposites, without the need of role playing, to ascertain direction of the relationship, it becomes a matter of joyous discovery and spontaneity develops when the concept of truth setting you free begins to be a known.

There is a song I love to sing occasionally, "I got my game on." Just a fun song with a good dance beat. For with birth into dense physical reality with it's duality factors, comes the issue of developing a game plan.

Learning how to be real, that would also perhaps be a good game plane, or to say true to one's self. Other's are then permitted to speak as themselves, to be real, or to tell no lies, either for love or money.

In the image I have drawn my male side, his name was given to me as David C. Jordon, but in jest and fun I call him simply Dead Preacher. (DP)

He sometimes helps me write and he remembers things Jesus said. Me, LR is of female gender this time around, yet I feel DP as masculine energy, dynamic, male energy with a religious bent, due to he says he was an early Christian and often tells me he sat and listened to J speak way back when. As LR, I do not remember the life, I just receive images of dirt roads, walking everywhere, and the like of those times.

DP has become so much a part of LR, I never think about him much, or other lives I've glimpsed. One reason being, time is so short, I want to savor each moment that I am, as this person, as this personality. This moment will not come again.

Sadly, I cannot celebrate wholly with others, the joy of accepting, one day, I will not be LR singularly, but I will be much more, to say a less limited being, and so I will care for her, and now this seems to be DP who says he will care for me, so the merge seems completed, when you can no longer tell which part of you is speaking.

I admit I laughed my head off, in my own house back in 2004, when I had so many guides helping me with my book writing project, and they told me this, that I would be merging polarities within this life. The idea I was both LR and DP seemed quite impossible. That was just until the other lives began surfacing, and I began to understand this life is part of a cycle of lives, and I have become a "we."

And yet I am not religious, like DP was and is. Religion that once was has turned into a soul quality rather than a doctrine, just the distilled experiences remain from lives lived. A nun's life as a woman developed a devotional quality in LR, while the will power was developed from DP's life of discipline.

A friend of mine has mystical experiences and when he is out and about in the other dimensions meeting up with other non/physical voyagers, and/or people simply not in their physical bodies for the moment, he may "release his charge" as he calls his male polarity, a charged item. From this thought of ourselves as a charge of either female or male, I began to see our beings as electric charges. I saw a wire with the negative grounding, and the positive current running side by side within a cord, and without each other, there simply was no power.

This I found a quite clever phrasing of male/female charging apparatus, most scientific I thought, and totally unromantic I thought at first, yet still I liked it. The concept.

Then I thought I shall be a love scientist someday thanks to all these mystical journeys I shall write down. Maybe not, but it is fun to write them down.

I will sometimes speak of merges undertaken by the occupants of these levels of being, when I attempt to explain that they are real experiences, especially when confirmation is gained from the other travelers too valid to be able to dismiss. The merges are like making an exchange of energy, a balancing factor occurs in both energy fields of those involved. The real work remains with proper interpretation of mystical voyages.

As far as this body is concerned it is made of energy. Science knows already what is appearing as solid, is not really solid. There are spaces between your very cells, and the tiniest molecule is seen to be a movement particle, influenced by mind/Mind. All is energy.

So too, we have an emotional body which can easily detach from the mental body and from the physical body and make of itself a form.

A quite recognizable form with the stamp of individuality upon it, we may call it a personality. Yet that is not the whole of your being. It is who you are in this now moment. It should not surprise any to discover we are not what our physical bodies suggest we are, in the same way we are not our emotions, we are having an emotional experience, but it does not define our totality. Having a name, here on this physical level is necessary, for example, we use names to identify each other here.

However, in the spiritual regions of vastness and infinitude, we recognize one another by an energy signature, which is a certain vibratory rate of the thoughts and emotions, of that being.

You have heard the phrase, you are what you think? It is a bit like that, only I would take it a little further to say, you are a conglomeration of all your earthly lives, within your essence, and so you may take joy in discovering you are truly unlimited in your becoming process. And love is the key, and to love all your selves equally, even as we speak of brotherhood and those ideals, we begin at this time implement our beliefs, thus creating our afterlife conditions and surroundings.

The power lies within to be so creative in our becoming. And so it continues and there are no edges to the universe yet there are many resting plateaus along the way.

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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      thats funny I can't recall reading this, as I just now approved it. oh man, I am a space cadet! I thank u much for the comment; these are difficult concepts I still struggle with but without them I cannot fathom why else my life has been with some very strange coincidences and happenings and those messages of course which make me seek further. I asked for a request of you to do a hub on Bernice, now I see we have Dresda also to consider. Please do, if u r inclined. love, LR

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      LR DP...You are so expressive with the written word and full of loving wisdom. Loved this HUB. It rang true to my very soul. that masculine/feminine balance act has been a biggie for me in this lifetime. Now I feel more harmonized after many years of inner conflict and struggle. A book DANCE WITH THE SELVES by Loretta Ferrier Ph.d. helped me understand this INTERNO DUO as she called it and how we have both inside us. the Dance of LOGIC AND INTUITION as she put it or MALE AND FEMALE and when we are out of balance the INTERNAL MARRIAGE suffers as so does out outer life and what we attract. Imbalance of the two sides leads to conflict and such and such. Bernice is one of my inner females. She was also me in my past life in Paris France as a struggling Impressionist Artist and Model. Another is DRESDA, a spirit muse who inspires my art, poetry, songs, and such. You are refreshing to read. No wonder you are LAUGHING RAIN.....