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The Spirits Of Love's Glue.

Updated on October 10, 2009


The spirit of Love's Glue!!


Pain blurs but
does not completly remove
love that has been
felt for a long time.

Time heals but 
seldom forgets love shared
or the offerings of one's heart.

Hearts fill again
to bursting in time
with new love and then
give it out as before,
hoping for a return
on thier investment
besides simply 

being broke again.

Broke is a
place of shattered dreams
where gluing the
pieces back together
takes a strong heart...
time...and love
that is mutual...................

Mutual is where
we want to be all the time
in a mutual understanding
of each others
frailities and needs.......

Need drives
the heart to take
the risk of being unneeded
after a declaration
of love is rendered.

Love is all
the perfect moments
that spin by with out fears,
it is the clasping
of two in flesh,
in time and in souls,
so tightly joined that
nothing can seperate the bond.

Love is but
glue that holds two soul's
together for as
long as neither struggles
to  >>B     R    E    A    K <<   free!!


We are but pale shadows
of ourselves without love.

We linger and haunt
old familiar places
and replay memories of
those cherished moments,
now relegated to a box
of keepsakes to peruse.

We also linger in
the mind of the

one we loved
and they see us flitting
to and fro as they go
about their day

and they too
are just a teardrop away
from being a ghost
of what was as well.

It's not so bad being
a ghost of love removed
or suspended for it keeps
you in the spirit of things.

You either eventually move on
or reunite becoming one spirit
again in two fleshly abodes.


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