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The Tree of Life and Death

Updated on May 19, 2015

For me, our love was like the tree of life. Majestic and connective whose roots were so sturdy they seized the rich earth and claimed it as the base of its existence. As our love for each other grew, so did the branches of the tree. At first the branches were tender young spikes, but they grew sturdier as time went by. The thick foliage of deep green leaves reminded me of tears of joy at having found my perfect love.

Our life was uncomplicated and we enjoyed the simple things it offered. The laughter we shared was like the leaves on a tree that fluttered with a soft breeze. When we swayed on the front porch swing it reminded me of a creaking tree deep in the forest moving to and fro with an autumn’s breeze. Riding down the country road that led to your roots, I was filled with pride at the passion you had for your history.

Our lovemaking allowed me to release all my inhibitions. Butterfly kisses were like a warm gently breeze. Our heartbeats would escalate, like a thunderstorm, when we explored and tasted the soft and hard contours of each other’s sex. Torrential rain fell upon us as we reached our apex, then we would drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Sadly the tree became frail and began to wither. It tried to fight the changes that were developing inside it, but it could not, and so it suffered from erosion and with it went the majestic and connectedness its roots had with the rich earth.


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