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The Trials and Tribulations of Divorce Part 2

Updated on March 20, 2010


 I have a wide variety of interests.  I love sports, music and Movies.  I am also going through a divorce.  I see the kids almost every weekend.  She (my ex) has the kids Mon-Thurs for the most part.  I  see the children one of those days sometimes more if I am participating in one of their many activities.  I am very responsible and have paid child support ever since she walked out the door.  I have helped my ex out in her numerous financial problems since we have been separated,  and  pay for a lot of the kids activities. I recently got laid off of a job I have had for nine years,  and am now going to school to be an alcohol and drug counselor. Here is my problem.  Money has been very tight due to my layoff.  I still have been paying my ex pretty much the same amount of money that I have been paying her for the last two years.  I figured because I was having money problems that I would apply for some financial aid.  My ex gets heating assistance as well as food stamps since she got laid off of her job roughly nine months ago.  However, I have been turned down by every agency that I have applied for assistance.  The reason that they give me has to do with the fact that she has primary custody of the kids.  I feel that because I have two kids and pay child support I should be able to subtract that support total from my total income to get a more accurate figure of my income.  This really does not make since to me. When my ex applies for financial aid she has to include the income I give her in her total income.  However, I cannot subtract that total form my total income.  This absolutely makes no sense to me because I actually pay more in child support than I do to rent my apartment.


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