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The Truth Article

Updated on January 3, 2015
keep in mind the prize...
keep in mind the prize... | Source

Welcome Readers

I am writing this article in the spirit of the holidays and the energy of being fulfilled with joy and love. This article is for men and women who are seeking to get into a relationship or just spice things up a bit. Let's start at the basics. First (for females) we probably heard from some other female figure in our lives at some point that the "best way to a male's heart is through his stomach." Now not to offend anyone or say anyone is wrong, I'm just offering another way to look at things. Which I will get to later on this article. Now lets switch gears for a second.

For males at some point your told by other males or peers that "all women are crazy." That's again not offend anyone or say anyone is wrong but I have another way to look at things. I will get to that later as well. Now for those of looking to spice things up for the holidays in your relationship, I have a few things you can try out as well.

Now before we start I want to state for the record, I am not a medical professional. My advice should never replace that of a medical professional. My advice is completely optional and based on experience, years of observation, and some research from human psychology. It should only be used as a guide to alternative thinking only. Please don't leave hateful comments at the bottom of the page as those will be deleted. Feel free to give some insightful feedback either negative or positive at the bottom of the page as always those are valued and respected. Thank you. Now with that out the way, lets jump right into it!

Make your dates matter!
Make your dates matter! | Source

Female Column (how to build upon the first meeting)

Now for females when you meet a guy that your interested in, a lot of times we ruin it for ourselves. Ever wonder why the guy doesn't come back or call back? This after what seemed like such a good connection! Now the connection you're feeling is real and believe me he felt it too. The problem was when you tried to over sell yourself like a TV ad.

You never want to get into a lot of negatives about yourself. Especially when you first meet someone, because remember no matter how interesting or good listener he is, he is still a complete stranger. At least until he has been around for awhile. Now lets jump ahead a bit.

Let's say your about to go on your first "official" date. Some women will say make him food, dress up to the nines, etc. A lot of times we forget that males are very objective. They typically won't spend a lot of time going over the details or remember the details of the date. Just the objective. Which is to get to know you and see if your the type of person worth fighting for.

With that said, dressing to impress is always good, and if you can cook really well then go for it. Although the main objective is to keep in mind is that your trying to build trust, communication, and your overall connection. So remember to smile and ask questions. Don't talk to much because that will make you seem self-centered. On top of everything, have fun!

Every single male I have spoken to when asked what was the main quality that they want a female to have said to have a female who knows how to have fun. Crack jokes, be confident, have savvy comebacks and pun jokes. The point I'm trying to make here is let your stellar personality shine and don't over stress the details and being perfect. Don't force things to develop if it doesn't work out then let it go. If all is well then it will develop on its own with no extra help or worries.

Make every night special!
Make every night special! | Source

Spice it Up! (couples only)

So lets get right into the good stuff shall we? :) Now this section is for couples but feel free to read it anyway everyone if you want too! Here is my favorite tips for the holidays.

TIP 1: Don't stress the money you spent! The holidays can make your pockets very empty after all is said and done. To avoid killing the magic between the two of you, focus on the reasons why you spent the money. The smiles and laugh. The kisses. The joy. Every time you think of the negative aspect think of the positive right after!

TIP 2: Romance is the air! This is the perfect time to take some time to enjoy each other. Remember the reasons your together. Also it is the perfect time to be extra romantic with each other and set the mood for later. Or right after. :)

TIP 3: Get wild! Sick of the same old routine in the bedroom? Well make it come alive by giving yourself a dare, to push your limits sexually. You never know what you maybe secretly into if you let yourself shake things up a bit. Try to included active foreplay into things. I'm talking about not just words here..action. If things are going to fast and you don't like it then stop and play around for a little bit. The point here? Get that wild sexy you out from hiding!

TIP 4: Respect each other! Always remember that the holidays is an exciting time and a lot of times new adventures can make us loose perceptive to the person who made it possible for you to be where you are. This important to not loose communication and mutual respect for each other.

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Understanding the female brain
Understanding the female brain | Source

Males Column (understanding women)

Without a doubt women are the hardest sex to understand because the majority of them don't understand themselves! One of the amazing unique differences in males and females is a male typically understands himself and his limits at a young age. This typically increases with age; the understanding of himself. Not to say all males understand themselves just saying that most men have a better idea of themselves than women.

With that being said are all women to crazy and complicated to be with? In my opinion, no there isn't . You just as a male have to understand the basics with women. Women don't put sex, as a priority on the list or the main objective (most women anyway). The main objective and priority is to communicate with you. Women stress this a lot because that is how the FEMALE connects with someone.

Although for males who typically don't like a lot of verbal communication what do you do? Sometimes you get women who look at your actions, what you do for them, and will be happy with that. Then other women won't see it at all even if you pointed it out. So in my opinion, you need more than just actions and words.

The biggest turn on for any woman (and I say that confidently) is a male who takes of his business. Personally and professionally. Now what exactly does that mean? Well it means that women like men who are working towards something. Either it be a great career, job advancement, a family, or looking for a wife. When a male shows his passion women respond. Immediately.

Now lets go back to why women are crazy. You can give a woman everything and yet she can still be depressed. Or unhappy period. You as a male have to understand that yes, women love comfort, women love to have nice things to show off, but what women NEED is a male who isn't afraid to shut her down when she is going over the top. Why? This keep women grounded and more stable which is why women look for men in the first place.

So if you're a male, if the woman has a level of crazy that is above and beyond what is your definition of normal than you have to have a strategy to shut it down. You have to know when to just walk away from a woman because it won't get anywhere.

Now with that being said, lets talk about why males get with females. Some people say it is all about sex. Now every male out there knows this isn't completely true but it has it role in everything. Now while I'm on the topic of understanding women you might be curious to know why every female loves bad guys! LOL.

Well the truth is as male you have understand the vibes you put out. "Bad boys" usually put out the same vibe. I'm confident, I care for myself, and I know what I am about. Now to women that is a turn on because it is almost like saying; "I can give you everything you want, it just won't be until I know you are the one for me." Which makes lots of women interested in being the one. So how do you push past them? Well know who you are as a male and don't go for any woman. Be picky. Let the best man win and always believe you are the best.

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