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The Vanishing of Naturally Beautiful Women

Updated on November 12, 2021
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Author of (Love Is Our Law) poetry book, songwriter, firefighter, real estate broker, College Instructor of Fire Sciences.

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The Vanishing Beauty

The billion dollar cosmetic industry is covering up the true beauty that was given to beautiful women. Their beauty should begin in the minds of them thinking that they were “fearfully and wonderfully made” mentioned by a Psalm of David in Psalms 139:14. He made notice of this to God that made him and all of humanity. God made beautiful women of all races “fearfully” meaning very careful not to make a mistake and “wonderfully” meaning to amazement of wonder beyond human understanding and to the point of beautiful from birth. It is only we that take the beauty away and many times, to never return unless restored by natural and spiritual means.

I must say though, it seems that naturally beautiful and gorgeous women are becoming an endangered species. They are succumbing victims to and of themselves. These women are vanishing into artificial objects for the pleasure of gaining acceptances from other people.

Tattoos are covering their bodies, taking away precious imprints of naturally colored skin tones. Their added false eyelashes (make them look the same as others) and are making the fake eyelash business rich as they forsake the natural make up of eye beauty. It seems, in a way, every woman with fake eyelashes look alike and has a particular attitude. The best way to compete and be different from other women is to be as natural as possible and not as beautiful as possible. Weaved in hair looks good itself but does not always fit the skit.

Men will like women with or without make up. However, the one he takes home to mom is preferred to be as natural as she was made. Most of the time, a man’s fantasy is to hit the jackpot when they can see just a little but feel a lot: slang fully called, “get his nut off.”

What I did not mention in a previous hub is that good men are trained to see through the make up or the falseness of women. This is one reason why rappers disrespect them in their songs. Check this, why do women call each other or even their home girls “bitches or hoes?” Women were naturally born beautiful from head to toes. Instead of buying material things to spruce up their beauty they should be spending money and time on enhancing their spirituality and preparing for marriage while working and doing things that they love to do. There is not much reward in having a relationship with a man that knocks her up and splits after giving her one, two or maybe three babies then leaving her as a single promiscuous parent. A boy and girl need both parent figures in order to be raised properly.

There are some men that desire women most for their natural beauty. Natural beauty should not be tainted with. It has an ingrown perpetuity that is impeccable. It should not be laced with contemporary concepts except for playing a role in entertainment. Why do some women wear shoes that are not good for their feet or wear shoes that can turn beautiful feet to look ugly? To what reason is owed such a sacrifice? Wearing shoes that are looking so cute is not worth hurting precious looking feet. There is a priority here.

A naturally beautiful and gorgeous woman using foul language is a degrading of herself and perhaps an embarrassment to others around or even away from her. It does not take foul language to express a point or an idea.

A naturally beautiful, gorgeous woman should be admired, is worth more than gold or whatever money can buy. Such a woman was made to love her man and be loved in return unconditionally.

She should love and respect her man to the point of his wanting to marry her and is considered her soul mate. Surely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a woman is beautiful in and out if a man sees and feels all of that about her. Surely, what is particularly beautiful to one man may not be to another. So be that. However, particularly, a natural and spiritual woman is profoundly beautiful because she reveals a divine beauty of mind and other attractions that God created for all the beauty in the universe. And last but not least, she should always be a positive woman to see things turning out for the betterment of her goals.

A Captivating Mind Heart and Attraction

A naturally beautiful and gorgeous woman is proud through the grace of God for His creating her. The beauty had started in her mind, then in her kind heart and then on to her natural, physical attraction with a dazzling smile to go with it all. In addition to self she possesses a caring and concern for the welfare of all humanity. This beauty must be shown for beauty to be unique.

Attributes of the Beautiful Woman

  • The eyes are a strong part of the personality. They are ones that take you in and express without words that the person behind them accepts who you are.
  • When this black beauty speaks, it is of warmth, passion and admiration that deserves love in return. No foul language is ever heard in the speaking of her vocabulary.
  • Her skin tone is radiant with sheer attractiveness
  • Her body is proportioned to accommodate the desires of a good man
  • She is determined to prosper and live in excellent health
  • She is educated in the goodness of life to no limit
  • She is determined to love for love and submit to her loving man
  • She is spiritual and loving to the Almighty God

A True Loving Experience

A man desires to experience every aspect of his beautiful, gorgeous woman. He wants to venture outwardly and intimately with her, all the things that he had experienced, on a temporary basis with women he has had in preparing to permanently enjoy love and life now, with her. He wants to adorn her with flowers and roses occasionally for the rest of their lives together. There is not much good in a beautiful woman living life alone of course, unless she prefers it that way.

She Deserves a Dozen Roses Plus


Should a b woman be submissive to her good spiritual man?

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