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The Way I Feel

Updated on July 11, 2009

 When I hear your loving voice, when around the corner your face peers,

           The way I feel is giddy, happy, silly, relieved.

When we're apart and mourning such, I feel a sadness creep inside

          The way I'm feeling is sad, hurt, lonely, disappointed.

When we are together again, and in each others arms,

          I'm feeling content, safe, blissful, lost... in your love.

When I feel your hand brush by my own, feel your breath upon my neck,

          I feel young again, free, in utopia, so loved.

When you take my face between your hands, looking deep into my eyes,

         I feel a rush of passion, a sea of love, just where I need to be, amazed.

When we are within each other's presence, talking, connecting, embracing,

        I feel this overwhelming power of happiness, like this is where I belong... with you.

When you are sleeping by my side, I hear your breathing, watching you with joy,

       I feel pleased that you're near, blessed beyond belief, above sadness, weak with bliss.

When I touch you, feel you, smell you, breathe you, live within your world,

      I feel open, trusting, beyond compare, a fool in love for eternity.

The way I feel is loved... loved wholely, loved completely, always loved, by you.


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