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The Affects of Gender... What if I had been a boy?

Updated on May 9, 2015

If I had been a Teenage Boy

Gender greatly affects a person’s life, especially during the emerging adult stage of a person’s life. Emerging adulthood is defined as “as the time from the end of adolescence to the young-adult responsibilities of a stable job, marriage and parenthood” (Munsey). For instance if I had been a teenage boy during the emerging adulthood phase of my life I would have been dating boys instead of boys and I would have been hanging out with male friends instead of female friends this would have meant that I would have been in a different social group.

If I had been a teenage boy my schema would have been different. Schema is defined as “a cognitive system which helps us organize and make sense of information” (Psychology Glossary). Males and Females both have different ways of organizing and linking information in their minds. A male’s mind is a bit like a filing system with each type of information in a different compartment. A female’s mind is more like spaghetti, where all information is linked in one way or another. An example of this is in a male’s mind school, friendships, and emotions all have separate compartments. While in a female’s mind school, friendships, and emotions happen to all be linked together. In this way if I had been a teenage boy I would have viewed things differently I would have been able to separate my friends from my school work and would have been not been as easily distracted by my friend’s opinions.

In some ways certain experiences are universal regardless of gender and I would have been the same person regardless of gender. For example people are shaped by the many different experiences that they have had. Certain experiences may have been slightly different if I had been a different gender, but mostly they would have been the same. An example of this is when I learned discipline from becoming a karate student. My instructor always seemed to be harder on the boys than he was on the girls, but we all learned discipline and respect. If I had been a boy my lessons may have been as harder, but I would have come out with the same set of values all the same.

Judgment is another area that is only partially dependent on gender. Judgment is defined as “the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after careful thought: the act of judging something or someone” (merriam-webster). If I had been a teenage boy I would have tended to make judgments that would have been more sympathetic to boys instead of towards girls.

The last area that is very dependent on a person’s sex is called the self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as “ideas that become reality simply because someone believes them” (Aaronson). One common self-fulfilling prophecy is relation to gender is hobbies. Males are often expected to enjoy sports, video games, and violent movies, so often times they become involved in said hobbies even if they don’t have much of an interest. Females are often expected to enjoy reading, writing, school, animals, and more non-violent activities. In this way if I was a teenage boy I probably would have ended up with hobbies like sports and video games instead of reading, shopping, and writing.

Gender greatly affects how a person develops into the person that they are. Males and Females often tend to drift towards and away from certain occupations because of their gender. Gender influences almost everything to some degree such as: marriage, love, hobbies, one’s mind, and one’s values. Gender however does not change what we experience in live it can only affect how we experience life.

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