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The Day I Fell in Love

Updated on May 17, 2017

Time froze

I remember the night that I had fell for my future husband. We didn't even know each other.

I remember walking into one of the big bars here in town, on a Friday night around 10 pm. It was cold, snowy, and the end of February. I was wearing my skinny jeans, boots, and a thick blue stripped cardigan. My makeup was done and my hair was straightened. My roommate and I were walking up to the bar, when I had ran into something, or someone.

I had accidentally ran into a tall, handsome, broad shouldered stranger. I said sorry and kept following my roommate to order a drink. I had noticed who I ran into, but didn't really look at him. I was focused on getting an AMF, (adios mother fu****) because I was and still am classy!

As I was waiting for my drink, I looked back at the man I had clumsily ran into. In that same moment, he looked over at me and our eyes locked. The only way I know how to describe it was that time froze. We were suddenly the only people standing in the bar, just looking at each other.

Exactly where I stood

Lets be a weird creep, shall we?

I had convinced my roommate to go and sit down with me at a booth that was right next to the man who was playing darts with one of his friends. As we sat down, I took the seat that was looking right at them. I have always been pretty smooth when I wanted to get someones attention, but this, I was a mess. I have never felt that connection, just by staring at his eyes from thirty feet away, I knew I had to do something.

My great plan to talk to this guy, you ask? Just sit there and stare. Yes, I was that creep. I just sat there and watched him, trying to make eye contact every chance I got. I wanted him to approach me, I was sending him signals, hello!

Unexpected visitors

As we sat there, we had one of our friends cousins approach and sit with us, while he was waiting for his girlfriend. He had sat down next to my roommate, which I was pleased. It meant I still looked single. "Hello, tall, muscular man, I'm here alone! Come talk to me!" Is all I kept thinking, I know, how dorky.

A couple of minutes after that, I had an acquaintance from a different bar come up and sit down next to me, he was drunk. He was about my height, a cowboy of the sorts, he rode bulls, and was always at the local country bar. He had kept asking me out and telling me how he wanted to take me to breakfast the next day. He was trying so hard, bless his heart. He had gone on a date with the roommate a month prior, who was still sitting across from us. Now, I am the queen of awkward and this was my kingdom. I finally had to give him my number, just so he left us alone. The whole time he was there and kept talking, my soulmate kept looking over, he finally gave me a look, a look of "go figure" or something of the sorts.

As soon as I got rid of the pesky cowboy, our other friend had gotten up to meet his girlfriend. It was just my roommate and I again.

The introduction

I was almost through my AMF when I looked out of the corner of my eye. It was my soon to be soulmates friend that he was playing darts with. He came up to me and introduced himself to us, while tall and handsome sat down at the table next to us. We introduced ourselves and we listened to "Rocky" as he called himself while he talked. Tall and handsome still hasn't said a word, he just smiled and laughed with us. I finally looked at him and said, "you don't say much do you?" He just smiled and said, "not really" he introduced himself as Russell.

Russell had a pair of the lightest blue eyes I had ever seen. His hair blonde, his body strong, and his smile was perfect. We got to talking for awhile when my roommate had decided that it was time to go. We were leaving to Miami that weekend and we still needed to pack our clothes and what not.

Do you have a phone?

As we were leaving, we said our goodbyes. I wasn't leaving without Russell's phone number, or giving him my number, he could make the move if he felt something too.

Nothing was said, I finally got so flustered, I asked, "Do you have a phone?" My roommate looked and me and laughed. She said, "of course he has a phone, its 2014."

Remember how I said I was the queen of awkward, bow to me peasants!

Anyway, Russell handed me his phone. I put my phone number in and we left. Not even an hour later, I had received a text message and we had started talking.

We were the only ones who saw each other

The bar, where it all happened
The bar, where it all happened


We had gotten to talking, asking questions that everyone seems to ask. What do you do? Where are you from? How old are you?

Oh, wait, yup. He had asked me how old I was. Jokingly, I responded with, "I'm 19." Because, what is more funny than saying I was underage at a bar. His response, "really? me too!" Thinking he is also joking, I laughed and told him that I was really 22. His response? "Oh. I'm really 19. Is that a problem for you?" I remember telling him, "as long as you are mature." He proved that right. It turns out he got into the bar earlier that night and no one had ever checked his ID. Granted, he looked and still looks older than he is. He got away with it.

Like I mentioned earlier, my roommate and I were getting ready to leave for Miami. She left the day before I did, so I took my time with packing, I wasn't leaving until Sunday morning anyway.

That Saturday afternoon, Russell had texted me asking me to meet up with him and Rocky at one of the restaurants in town, I declined. I didn't want to think about this guy the whole time I was gone, wishing I was at home and with him instead.

Daiquiris should be the size of your head, right?

Actual photo.
Actual photo.

Hello, South Beach!

MIAMI! I was in a warm, warm, warm place! Finally! We had nothing but snow back home and negative degree weather. I was so excited to try and get some sun on my porcelain white skin! Swimming in the ocean, drinking, checking out the Miami Sea-quarium. I love aquariums, I love experiencing new things, and I love being able to let loose!

We ended up doing all of those things. The first night we were there, we had gone to one of the bars on the strip and ordered daiquiris, little did we know how giant they were, ended up spending about $160.00 on two drinks. This guy, I think his name was Matt, came up to us at the table and finally sat down. He kept offering to pay for our tab, which didn't happen. We called my roommates mom to come bail us out of our daiquiri bill. That is where I learned that if you leave the state, call your bank and let them know, that way you don't have this incident!

We finally got away from the Matt kid and headed back to our hotel. We had constant locals hitting on us, buying us drinks, yet I had no desire to deal with it. I only wanted to be on the beach or go shopping on the strip. I had taken off and went exploring around town, Miami is a pretty neat place once you get past all the touristy stuff.

The whole time I was in Miami, I constantly texted Russell. Yup, what I was trying to avoid happening on this trip, happened. We texted every second we could, I was even texting him at a chip n dales show!

Daiquiris to go?

Actual photo
Actual photo

Back home

I couldn't wait to see Russell, he had asked me out on a date when I was in Miami. As soon as I got back, we had gone out. We were going to go play pool, but we ended up driving all over town and even outside of town. That was the best first date I had ever been on. We talked for hours, I didn't want him to take me home.

I loved the fact that he came up to the door to pick me up and walked me up to the door when he took me home. Opened his truck door for me and was the biggest gentleman. After that first date, I knew that he was the one. I had a feeling that this was the guy, I was meant to be with.

Let love soar

Corny subtitle, I know. But how cute are we?
Corny subtitle, I know. But how cute are we?

Bling, bling, there is a ring!

After years of dating and living together, Russell proposed to me. On my birthday in front of our closest friends. I couldn't be more happy, we have been through so much and we have stuck by each other through so many things. I cannot wait to marry the soulmate that I literally ran into at the bar. It is funny how things work out.

He is the one, always has been, and always will be.

The proposal

He did it right
He did it right


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