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The day I wet my husbands pants

Updated on May 4, 2011

I laughed till I wet himself..

My husband and I use to take a leisurely stroll in the evenings this particular day he was in rare form ,cutting up making me laugh.. MY laughter sounds just like carol Burnett,also I will laugh till I cry and on occasion I have come close to wetting myself...This time I didn't just come close! LOL

We had walked to the center of town, I just couldn't stop laughing, and he wouldn't give it a rest, just kept cutting up saying foolish things the tears were just streaming down my face. Finally I can no longer stand upright I have such uncontrollable laughter until I am losing my balance I can't talk,My husband steps in and places his arms around me and pulls me to him. I am so weak with laughter I can't push him away. He thinking he must hold me firmer to steady me doesn't understand I am trying to push him away,I know If he doesn't cut me a break I'm gonna have an accident. No , he doesn't have a clue and doesn't let up! in fact he is working on the laughter even harder.

By this time I am thinking he deserves this if it happens..LOL I put my head into his shoulder and he then wrapped one leg around my leg saying over and over the foolishness that always cracks me up, which caused the dam to break and Yep I peed myself.

The look of shock on his face ! He stands so still but the jokes stop . He doesn't however turn me loose, he is in to much shock. Finally it is over ..he looks at me and says .."Ya know the worst of this is no one is gonna believe I didn't wet myself".. Then he leads me to the grass where he sets me down, and the gentleman that he is he walks the half mile back to the house looking for all the world incontinent, gets the car and brings me a dry pair of shorts and comes and collects me..

I must have to sit here maybe 10 minutes, but I promise all 2000 people that reside here stopped and asked if I needed a ride!! Of course I couldn't stand up and greet them, I just smiled and said My husband and I were walking he decided to go get the car and he is coming to get me. I later thought I should have told them a story about maybe hurting my ankle..but I never thought of it..

This story my husband has enjoyed the telling of to my embarrassment at most gatherings we ever had over the remainder of our marriage.. Sometimes people would say to him I wouldn't tell that one..he would laugh and just say hey it was my own fault, now I don't push her quite that far!!!

(A marriage can withstand anything with the right bond! hunh)


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      OMG!!! You are right ..LOL what have I done..LOL

      still laughing..

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 6 years ago from Deep South, USA

      If there was anyone among the 2,000 residents who didn't already hear that they know! (That is, if they read HubPages.)

      At least he was nice enough to go get the car and a change of clothes for you. Sounds like he wasn't all bad.


    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia


      Thanks again..

    • GetSmart profile image

      GetSmart 6 years ago

      Oh wow, this sounds like something I would do! You poor thing - too bad for the hubby - he deserved it!!! Very glad I found you hub hopping.

    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      Yes thank you for understanding what i meant to convey!!!

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      I was laughing as I was reading this... how beautiful to have such laughter in your union. Up/funny.