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The difference between cat people and dog people

Updated on August 3, 2014

Are you a dog or a cat person?

A few years ago a number one best seller "Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus" took the relationship world by storm. The book dealt with how men and women are different from each other not only physically but in a number of other ways like emotionally.

The book helped both men and women learn to use their differences in order to enhance daily interactions. What does that have to do with whether you;re a cat or dog person? The answer is maybe nothing or maybe everything.

There are two types of people in this world those who act like cats and those who act like dogs. Naturally since a dog is mans best friend men must be more like dogs and women like cats -wrong. When you think about a cats personality and a dogs personality it has to be the other way around.

A cat loves in its own way


Why men are like cats

Dog may be man's best friend, but in the end men behave more like cats than dogs. A cat is a finicky antisocial creature. They love to sleep, keep to themselves.and only usually come a calling when they want to fed or rubbed. Sound familiar?

Men, when they are dating are good at listening, being romantic and being attentive to their girl friends needs but marriage changes things. After marriage, maybe before for some men, when the comfortableness of the relationship sets in men become like cats.

Men come home from work and want to veg. When asked by the wife how the day went they mumble something and then go to sit in their favorite chair in order to watch their favorite show usually sports or Game of Thrones.

Don't get me wrong men do show their spouses or girlfriends love but on their own terms and in their way. It is up to the woman to realize love may not be flowers or a card on a birthday or anniversary. It may be when once in a while they come rubbing up against you looking for some food or a pat on the head,

A dog's love is unconditional

A dog's love goes a long way
A dog's love goes a long way | Source

Why women behave like canines

Women on the other hand a behave more like man's best friend. Before I face the wrath of all the women out there let me explain. A dog's behavior is the polar opposite of a cat.

A dog is always happy to see you and is never indifferent. A dog returns love no matter how much love it receives in return.. The list of the positive traits of a dog can go on and on.

Women, when they are dating love to be listened to and enjoy their mate being romantic attentive to their needs. Before and after marriage even when the comfortableness of the relationship sets women still behave live canines..

Women when they come home from work don't want to veg but want to relate to their mates even iota of how their day went. Women are usually more attentive to the needs of their partner and even remember birthdays without looking at their smartphones. Women will go to great lengths to show their mates how much they love them.

Women show their significant others love with no terms attached and in many way. It is up to the men to realize what their wife or girlfriend wants maybe flowers or a card or to remember a birthday or anniversary. It may be when once in a while their husband of boyfriend come rubbing up against them looking to give them some ,

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Women and men can be a little of both

This is not to say a man or woman cannot be a little of both because there are those rare sightings of men whose behavior towards their significant other closely resembles a canine. They are glad to see their mates and enjoy conversing with them immensely but they revert back to their cat like tendencies when around buddies or watching sports..

There are also woman who act like cats at certain time like when they are in certain situations like when they are extremely agitated about their mates behavior or talking to their friends in a girls night out rant and rave session. Women in a cat like state are best left alone until they revert back to their normal loving behavior

The key to any relationship is unconditional love.
The key to any relationship is unconditional love. | Source

Dogs and cats can get along

No matter how one person in a relationship views the other whether it is through the lens of 'Men Are Mars, Women Are From Venus' or as having the same behavior as a cat or dog the key to any relationship is view our differences not as hindrances but as ways to learn and grow.


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