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A pre-dating experience

Updated on April 23, 2012


For some people around the world, getting into a relationship is the breaking points of their lives. For them, this is the point where they lay down their most vulnerable and emotional sections to take the risk of having feelings for someone. Actually, for some it might seem as a risk while for others it would just be a mere adventure when they would have the opportunity to break away from their "comfortable zone" and step into their "courage zone". So you ponder on the stress of going into relationships and make up your mind to venture into the unknown and highly uncomfortable" courage zone"( as i refer to it). What I would now do next is to analyze the situation from both the male's and female's view.


You are carrying on with life doing things you are familiar, and most of the time ,comfortable with; when from the corner of your eye, you notice this member of the opposite sex that stands out. Wearing a silver 3/4 bud hugging gown; revealing her hour glass figure in the process, she was truly a sight to be hold. At that moment you seem oblivious to everything around you except for this stranger and your heart skips a beat. In your fantasy world, she faces you and smiles, giving you the impression that an immediate love connection has been made;but in reality, she is texting away in her new I-phone 4, barely even noticing your mismatched shoes. "The train ride would last for another 1 hour", you say to yourself and venture to the empty sit behind the one she occupies. You check your breath to confirm if you really know how to brush and scrutinize your dress combination (oh no!! the mismatched shoes).You attempt to open your mouth when it suddenly, occurs to you that you really don't have anything to say in the first place. Then it strikes you that she is using an i-phone4. Maybe a conversation based on that topic would be fruitful. You attempt to speak again and yeah, you don't know a single about I-phone 4. Hmm, maybe a complement would do the trick. Scrutinizing her carefully, you see that she is totally perfect and everything she has on her clicks to every detail.' Where to begin?' ends up being your biggest challenge of the day and not that pile of files you had to overcome at work. Oh well, here goes. You adjust your tie , dust your suit and attempt to make your move when she suddenly has this urge to raise her hand. The dim light in in train still manages to reveal what is unmistakeably an engagement ring on her left ring finger. You stand where you are almost speechless and while in this state another man comes and occupies the sit close her. he smiles at her and kisses her the right cheek. She turns to him almost enthusiastically and gives him a full blown kiss on the lips. Your world blacks out as you violently fall to the ground.


Rumor has it that the hot and attractive guys are to be found at the gyms so you decided to explore for yourself.Wearing a tight short-sleeved black top and shorts, you go there hoping to lure the "guys" out of their hiding place. Getting there with no intention of working out, you take a seat at the corner and scout the flood of guys. Then you spot him as walks around with muscles pumping out from all corners. He moves from the bench press to Olympic press stand to the chin up equipment then back to bench press with ease. With sweat dripping heavily from his body, he decides to remove his shirt revealing his 6 pack abs. You watch all these mesmerized and speechless. To make matters worse, he winks at you and smiles.(Oh yes!! The sign). But you really don't know how to proceed with the conversation. While you are anticipating this situation, another girl approaches him, points to her phone before slapping him. As you still recovering from this shock, another approaches him, watches the other girl go and then proceeds to also slap him. Then you get the message- he is definitely a player. Making up your mind to avoid this weird flirting cycle, you storm out of the gym.

OK... OK these stories might sound like lines from a cheap romantic novel, but on a more serious note, the idea of meeting someone you intend to be in a genuine relationship with is a decision that might influence various aspects of your life. A relationship that might seem genuine at first might not truly be genuine as it progresses.


  • ยท Couples usually wait until six to eight dates before they are willing to enter into an exclusive relationship.
  • Speeding date, invented by a rabbi from L.A in1999, is based on a Jewish trdition of chaperoned gathering of young Jewish single.
  • The most common time for breakups is around 3 to 5 months.
  • On the average, it takes 12 to 14 dates will trade house keys
  • Women who post a photo on internet dating sites receive twice as many messages as women who don't.
  • On free dating sites, at least 10% are from scammers.
  • If a man can't decide what to wear on a date, he might want to wear blue. studies show that women are attracted to blue.
  • 33% of online daters form a relationship, 33% don't and 33% give up
  • four out of 10 workplace-dating relationships result in marriage
  • Psychologists at Uni of Pennsylvania studied data from over 100,000 speed daters and found out that most people make a decision regarding a person's attraction within 3 seconds of meeting.
  • Researchers at Uni of Chicago found out that people were twice likely to find a date thrugh family and friends than from a bar scene


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    • ilymsvicky profile image

      ilymsvicky 6 years ago from Long Beach

      Women who post pictures on dating sites get a better response than women who don't because the man can decide upfront if he is physically attracted to her. The only problem with this rationalization is that the picture may be bogus!

    • profile image

      Derek Abel 6 years ago

      Going to keep this in mind in the future.

    • NicholeRLovi profile image

      Nichole Thomas 6 years ago from Illinois

      Very interesting:) thumbs up!!

    • profile image

      manlalakbay 6 years ago

      I love it! =)