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Relationshit:The joke's on you...

Updated on September 8, 2014


The problem with being in a shitty relationship and being with a shitty person is that they do shitty things, so people talk shit because that's all they see and or hear about...if you go back and forth, or stay in it, or talk about it, don't be so surprised when others have so much to say to you, about you, or about what they think you should do. You make a choice to stay in it or to treat your love life like a tennis match and go back and forth, just remember, in tennis it is luv not love, and as in any 'game,' onlookers, fans, critics, and hecklers, come with the territory.

You want your family’s love, support, and acceptance, but when all they have to go by are what they have seen, heard, endured, or experienced, you are about as likely of obtaining their love, acceptance, and support, as you are of reaching into a sack of shit and pulling out the person of your dreams. Putting shit into a bag and setting, it on fire so someone will stomp it out is hilarious for some…unless you’re the one stomping out the flaming bag of shit. So don’t be surprised if your family, friends, and loved ones are not happy, laughing, or cannot see the humor in seeing the flaming sack of dog shit at their door, when they are the ones stomping ‘it’ out. Besides, they are onto what’s in the sack now, and despite the efforts of putting it in the bag, none of them are falling for it anymore. Even if the sack of shit is not on fire or there is no shit in the bag, it should not come as a surprise that they now are averse to just the mere sight of a ‘sack’ or are unable to see a sack and not expect the worst. If you are ‘gullible’ enough to keep falling for the flaming sack of shit, and putting out the fire, and the end result is you are then covered in the shit, then that is your choice, or your ‘bad.’

Putting shit into a sack does not change the fact that it is still a sack of shit; you just don’t have to see it or face it. Setting it on fire though and expecting or hoping someone else is going to be happy ‘putting out that sack,’ when they know it is full of shit or suspect it is, is asking a lot of anyone. So keep your shit in a sack or leave it in, keep it away from open flames, or at the very least keep it at your door. No one is falling for that sack of shit joke, anymore. When you’re ready to put that shit in a sack and just throw it away altogether, I’m sure there will be plenty of people ready to help you with that endeavor. Until then, you keep putting shit in a sack and setting it on fire, stomping it out, and expecting the end result to be anything other than, you, covered in shit, and you will continue to be disappointed.

Just don’t be mad, sad, or surprised, if and when your family, friends, and loved ones, see you with your flaming sack of shit and turn the other way. You may be willing to ‘play along’ with the joke still, but everyone else is tired of it…we see a sack of shit or suspect the sack is full of shit and we see it set on fire, we just assume to let it burn itself out, as opposed to putting it out. Not because our shit don’t stink, but because most of us have enough shit in our lives to contend with, without having to worry about other shit, not pertinent to our own lives and our own relationships.

© 2011 Raquel L Pierson


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      April 6 years ago

      Wow you hit the nail on the head with that one I'm forwarding it to miranda its her in a nut shell!