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40 Chick tips

Updated on August 9, 2012

This goes out to al the Chicks out there. You guys rock!

1. You are you and no one else can change that.

2. Happiness comes from within.

3.You define your own destiny and no one else.

4. Haters always gonna hate.

5. Don't believe people who say that they know you more than you know yourself. No one does.

6.Believing that you are beautiful is the first step in realising your worth as a chick.

7.A diet should be a salad in one hand and a cookie in the other.

8.People may tease you, laugh at you and beat you but whatever it is don't let them phase you.

9.You can't stop people from talking shit about you. What you CAN do is stop giving a shit.

10.If you can't love yourself, no man can love you.

11.There's a 100% chance you're amazing. Act like it.

12. Ever heard of the phrase "Chicks before dicks"?

13.Sweatpants and hoodies: sexy and you know it but too damn lazy to show it.

14.Don't judge people. You have no idea why they are the way they are.

15.Don't wait around for the perfect relationship. Make the relationship you have right now perfect.

16.You aren't too young to accomplish anything. A baby shark is still a shark.

17.You only live once.

18. Be all that you can be.

19. Be careful what you wish for.

20.Beautiful: A chick who is sweaty and dirty and can still be singing "I'm sexy and I know it"

21.Stop living your life identifying to Barbie or Cinderella. Live your life identifying to Wonder woman.

22.Don't reach for the sky. Reach for the stars.

23.If you like someone tell them.

24.Never bite the hand with nail polish and diamond studded bracelets.

25.Guys don't fall for high maintenance chicks, they fall for high performance chicks.

26.You find a hater on you facebook page. Type them a comment with your middle finger.

27.A best friend is someone who helps you to bury the corpse when you commit murder.

28.Don't mourn your break up; celebrate your freedom!

29Never underestimate the quiet, nice guy. Boxes full of treasures never make noises, do they?

30.Love your body. It's the only one you've got.

31.@%?*&# society!

32.One word: Swag.

33.Forever single; but not forever alone.

34.Everyone makes mistakes.

35.Don't envy people who have everything. They can't handle half the stuff you can.

36.No worries girlfriend!

37.Who said good things come to those who wait? Go out and get that #@&?*$!

38.Never generalize. There are still good men out there.

39.Suicide is never the answer. You can't solve your problems if you're dead.

40.Stop fantasizing about marrying a billionaire. Dream about becoming one!

To be continued......


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    • Marsprofane8 profile image

      Marsprofane8 5 years ago from Abuja


    • Marsprofane8 profile image

      Marsprofane8 5 years ago from Abuja

      Thank you! Looking forward to you seeing more of my hubs!

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      "There's a 100% chance you're amazing. Act like it."

      This is my wife's motto! I always tell everyone, "I'm marred to a wonderful woman. If you don't believe me, just ask her!"

      Love Your List!

      Up & Interesting

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      What an awesome idea for a hub! Your tips are fabulous. I agree with all of them! Looking forward to more of your hubs!