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How These 4 Positive Body Language Tips Have a Big Effect on Your Health and Love Life.

Updated on September 14, 2019

How your body behaves can tell you a lot about your health and love life. Love and health are so important but they can’t be manifested if the body speaks in a different tune. Positive body language is what you should be striving for.

Your body language says a lot about what you are really feeling, your real emotions or intent is known.

You can say this and that but what you cannot deny is that your actions matter. These actions are what your body says; do your words match your body language? For example you can’t say that you love been here when you aren’t smiling. Smile it might help your body or make that girl smile back at you.

New research from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) recently discovered that smiling makes you seem courteous, likable, and competent according to Psychology Today.

An alpha is the dominant and confident person in a room or with a group of people. If alpha body language tips can have a positive profound effect on yourself, why aren’t you doing something to change or improve?

What you’ve is poor body language that needs a tweak here and there to get it all right. Body language is a non-verbal type of communication and for you to communicate effectively both verbal and non-verbal communication have to be in sync.

So let’s get to it then and find out these body language tips one by one.

1. Strong Eye Contact.

Holding and maintaining eye contact is the best sign that shows you a person likes you and totally interested in what you’ve to say. Yeah it’s true; you don’t have to scratch your head on whether she likes you anymore. Its right in front of you, you’ve just got to open your eyes.

According to Daily Mail, eye contact of more than ten seconds between two people means one of two things: you’re about to fight or have sex (well, you want to anyway). Prolonged eye contact produces intense emotional reactions regardless of whether it’s a fist or a pair of lips heading your way.

Eye contact does not seem to be given much credit, uses your eyes in communication. What makes goods eye contact is the fact that you never or don’t look down whenever you converse with someone. By looking down you signifies or means submission.

The importance of eye contact in social interactions cannot be emphasised enough. A wealth of research exists showing the strong influence of eye contact on human attention, behaviour and cognition.

Increased interaction also leads to an increase in eye contact between groups members, because people tend to look at each other when they communicate with one another.

In humans, eye contact may signal an approaching intention from the gazer toward the perceived, and it is critical for communication and social interaction according to Research Gate.

Your eye contact has to be just right; this is the body language technique to emulate in your own personality. Of course you’ve to take care that you don’t come off as aggressive or weird in any way. This can happen if you overdo your eye contact, essentially you’re staring at someone.

According to Forbes, as a general rule though, direct eye contact ranging from 30% to 60% of the time during a conversation-more when you’re listening, less when you are speaking-should make for a comfortable productive atmosphere.

What good eye contact signifies is that you have a genuine interest in the person and what he has to say. You don’t have to fake it till you make it here. That will just put people off. But it's a positive body language worth practising.

2. Excellent Posture.

Slouching is a bad habit to have and develop. Slouching can easily be remedied by you just standing tall with a straight posture.

According to Michele Arnold, MD, Executive Director of Rehabilitation and Performance Medicine at Swedish Medical Center, bad posture can absolutely lead to potential health risks. Slouched posture can lead to joint pain in the spine, shoulders and hips.

The ideal posture for sitting and standing is to have your ears aligned over the shoulders, your shoulders aligned over the hips and your hips aligned over the feet.”

What the right posture signifies is that you are confident in yourself as a person. The next time you walk down the street have your head held up high, no slouching whatsoever. Use your new ideal posture and eye contact to be both attractive and confident.

3. A Striking Sitting Position.

How you are sitting is often reflected by your legs and arms. Where your legs and arms positioned are, are you crossing them both? That is a defensive stance on your part.

What good alpha body language tips entail is that you got to have your legs firmly to the ground with a considerable distance between them? What you have to do is spread your legs, this stance or sitting position signifies a confident, comfortable and dominant person.

In a recent study, psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found open body language, such as uncrossed limbs or a stretched torso, can boost our appeal to potential romantic partners in speed dating and online dating profiles according to Medical Daily.

Remember also to uncross your arms, to anyone feeling discomfort the most logical thing to do is cross your arms onto your chest. You are defensive and not an open person, you’re closed off.

Standing with legs apart, this position, feet and legs shoulders-width apart, signals dominance and determination, says Goman. When asserting your side of an argument or discussion, stand your ground literally. This is a traditional position of power.

Crossing your arms, this pose coupled with crossed legs, it’s a defensive position. More often than not, this stance means a person is cold. Sitting with your legs apart assures others that you’re large and in charge according to

This positive body language can be evidence by how most successful people utilise it.

4. Perfect Handshake.

A new study has revealed people with strong handshakes are more intelligent and have better memories.

The research by the University of Manchester analyzed 475,397 people across the UK and discovered that people who had a stronger grip also performed better in every test of brain function. Geoffrey Beattie, the University of Manchester’s head of psychological sciences, came up with a step by step guide for a perfect handshake.

The steps are: use the right hand; a complete grip and a firm squeeze (but not too strong); a cool and dry palm; approximately three (3) shakes, with a medium level of vigour, held for no longer than 2-3 seconds.

The handshake must also be executed with eye contact kept throughout and a good natural smile with an appropriate verbal statement according to The Independent.

You’ve probably never really thought about your handshake, you do it daily that paying attention to whether it’s a weak or poor handshake doesn’t matter to you.

The first thing you aren’t supposed to do is be overly too aggressive with your handshake and be seen like you want to rip the other person’s arm off. Do not try to rip anyone’s arm off as you shake his or her hands.

What a good handshake entails is that it’s firm but not too strong. A weak handshake is when you do it and it will be considered a soft handshake, not strong but soft. That's the right positive body language because no matter what you do you'll have to shake someones hand.


Good communication is great and what your alpha body language tips will have is positive impact on you. Your body language speaks volumes of you, what is your real deal, are you either nervous or bored.

You want to create attraction with that girl than you do need to change your body language. But attraction isn’t the only thing you’ll have, there are health benefits that can’t be ignored. These are all the traits an alpha has to emulate for body language mastery.

Do you have any other positive body language that I haven’t mentioned? Do you use some of this body language tips?

Do share and tell in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.

-Michael Kamenya


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