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The Secrets of Having the Long Lasting Relationship.

Updated on June 18, 2020
Salvador Mac profile image

MAC is a teacher, BSED. Full time mother of two adorable kids Euan and Elijah. Adventurer>Writer>Book Worm!

Each and everyone of us has gone to a relationship that almost got us into the differ sense of life.

I just want to share my experience of how I defy all odds for a relationship that I have right know. It has been a really tough day for me to endure. But God never let me fall.

I almost breakdown and forgoty how I loved the person I'm with.

It is important to keep our relationships to our partners, Let us make it burning and build a strong foundation to keep.

At first we are in the phase wherein we love every inch of the person we chose to spend our life forever.

As time goes by have you ever imagined that your relationship with him will be so boring that you'll never notice that everything has been totally changed?

Here our some of advise that I can share with you guys, I hope it will help you out.

Keep Growing Together

Together we can make it through and last forever.
Together we can make it through and last forever.

Into a relationship it is important to grow together, when one of you is left out how can life move on?

Build a strong foundation for each other. Never give up and never loose hope. Both of you are created to fulfill the missing piece of each other. We need to grow as a person and improve ourselves but we need to help our partner in order to achieve it.

Behind a successful man is very supportive. Most of us are growing like this but it can be behind a Proud Wife and mother is a loving husband.

Growing together is the most important part of relationship.Together you can build a strong foundation that will last forever.

Make memories together

Let us make memories together and cherish it forever.
Let us make memories together and cherish it forever.

Why do we need to keep memories?

Memories will be there forever to cherish and to enjoy as time passby. You will see how both you are growing together.

Making memories is like taking pictures together, going out together and eve planning together.

Together? Yes! Because together both of you will conquer the test of time.That is why you need to keep on making memories together and make it last a lifetime.

Good Communication

Good communication; Accept and Acknowledge.
Good communication; Accept and Acknowledge.

Why do we need to have a good communication with our partners?

Because a good communication addresses all the needs. Have you ever tried to ask your partner if he/she would like to have a cup of a coffee and a good talk?

In a relationship we need to accept and acknowledge our partners that is why we nee to have a good talk with them. An open communication with your partner is one of the strongest foundation in your relationship. You won't hesitate to do anything or move forward because you know your partner trust you with all their heart. Having a good communication is like having a peek to your heart and mind that is why it is important that once in a while have a good talk.

Try something new together

Explore the world.Learn new things about each other. Go and get something new to try!
Explore the world.Learn new things about each other. Go and get something new to try!

It is okay to settle for the income you have and enjoy with anything you have. But never settle for a boring relationship. Go out and have fun together. Enjoy your life together!

In the end of the day you won't regret that you have that kind of relationship beacuse you have the memories to cherish, the life that is full of excitement and the partner whom you'll stay forever.

Do you have stories to share? Just leave a comment because I'm excited to read it. More advise and tips?

Watch out! I got you!

Explore the world!

Try to new things together. There's no need to worry as long as you have each other you can surely do it.

Make a list of things that yo haven't tried to do before.

Go out and camp.

Plan to go out of the country.

Mountain hiking!

Enroll to baking class together.

There are so many things you need to try together.Don't waste your time in having a boring relationship, heat it up!

You will know more about your partner, You'll have the time to explore more about and it will make both of your to feel excited about the next things you'll be doing together.


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