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The world is full of "pitzipoance"

Updated on August 20, 2010

Strange phenomen

Hey! I wanna let you know about this phenomen called "pitzipoance" is a nikname for girls that posses the following conditions :

- Istigator clothes that shows body qualities, eventually sketchy, eventually "by designer", with or without logo, the motto is : It do not matter how it looks like, it is "by designer".

-Accurately appearance (capped,manicure,make up, appetising fragrance ) to fake and plastic. Example : fake fingernails, solar, fake eyelashes,contacts, high hills ( even she can not walk with those ).

- Face with a large smile for different male with potential , a well developed technique of flirtation, adapted to any situation,with the supreme pleasure to have as many admirers.That is how she is confirming herself the role of a fatal woman.

- She is phlegmatic toward  the rest of the people, she has the impression that she is the ideal woman, any "pitzipoanca" declares herself unique, everybody envy her in her vision, because she is perfect.

- She suffers of persecutory complex, had a lots of enemies and even this likes to post herself in different situations ( considered by her sexy ), in spite of her enemies.

- She has an unbelivebly bad taste in clothes, whe can see her in conbinations like training suit + massive gold jewelry.

- Her purpose in life is to look good

In other words this "pitzipoanca" is distasteful.

a colorful pitzipoanca

Here are a few examples of these speciments.

The source: hi5 in 99% of the cases and 1% from other networking.

bad pitzi
bad pitzi


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    • caticorina profile image

      caticorina 8 years ago from Italy

      Thanks Dame Scribe!

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      I think people do whatever it takes to gain and maintain attention to satisy emotional needs but with rather poor methods, lol. :) Good info!

    • caticorina profile image

      caticorina 8 years ago from Italy


    • profile image

      cely 8 years ago

      I know what you do ... but seems well made.