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Bisexuals are Pure Evil!

Updated on October 14, 2012

Volume I

We all know them- women who have three children but swear they have always known they were gay. They sincerely want you to believe that it took three children, two babies' fathers, countless other male sexual encounters and 35 years to live out their destiny. Or maybe your friends bisexual tale is less cumbersome. She may be in a relationship with a man, in love with a woman but lacking the intestinal fortitude to stand up to her judgmental parents, family and/or church members. Instead she opts to expose herself and her partners, both male and female, to potential emotional scars and sexually transmitted diseases to fulfill her insatiable desires and save her parents the hurt of having a lesbian daughter. It is this stereotypical depiction of bisexuals that leads many lesbians, particularly dominant lesbians, to find bisexuals to be pure evil.

What these stereotypical bisexuals don't understand is that because they enjoy being with both men and women it does not give them a license to be unfaithful. It's no more right for a woman in a committed relationship with a man to sleep with multiple men than it is for a woman in a committed relationship with a woman to sleep with both men and women.

Contrarily, what those who frown upon bisexuals don't understand is stereotypes. The interesting thing about a stereotype is that there is generally some truth to it. As a matter of fact, among some circles it is all true. Contrarily, among other circles there is no resemblance of this stereotype, thus making it a stereotype. Once a stereotype becomes so ingrained in the psyches of the general public, then it allows the users of these arguments to use the stereotype to mask the real problem.

Take for instance the problem with bisexual lesbians sleeping with both men and women simultaneously. The problem isn't that she is sleeping with them both. The problem is that she is promiscious. Your woman obviously has issues with fidelity; and, if you focus your energy on the sex of the person she shared an intimate encounter, then you are completely avoiding the real problem.

Secondly, stereotyping allows the user of the stereotypical argument to forgo common sense. I have heard a lot of lesbians say that they simply take it harder if their woman is cheating with a man versus cheating with another woman. They argue 'if it's a man then she has betrayed the relationship twice- once by cheating and second by lying about her sexuality'. Then I ask them. 'Did you really believe that your woman, who loves for you to strap on a penis and penetrate her would never want to have sex with a man? Did you ignore the delighted look in her face when you placed it inside her? Did you ignore the fact that she didn't mind wrapping her lips around it and giving this toy head even though she knows you really can't feel a thing?' You see, the clues were there that penis wasn't a problem. Again, your concern should have been targeted at if she could be committed to her relationship with you.

Lastly, what if your big problem isn't that she betrayed you twice but that you have to accept that you are not man enough. Many dominant lesbians take on full male personas and, in many ways find themselves to be comparable in their appearance and love making to any man. Many feminine lesbians intertwine their feminity and masculinity in the bedroom to fulfill the duties generally reserved for men and feel that they do an excellent job. When their mate opts for the real thing, maybe it's more of a shot to the ego than it is a shot to the heart.

Many of you self-professed haters of bisexuals will date a woman with children or a woman who has recently ended a marriage. Many of you will date a woman who obviously does not mind having sex with a man. You simply want her to profess that she never wants to be with a man again, never really enjoyed being with a man and your all the woMan she needs. When you really should be asking, 'Can you be faithful?"

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Is being bisexual a big deal?

Is it more important for your mate to be a lesbian or faithful?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I enjoyed reading this and at the end of the day to me that is all that should really matter if you like both you like both but I am the kind of person that whoever I am with I am with. If I am with a woman right now I am with her

    • AMarie Jackson profile imageAUTHOR

      AMarie Jackson 

      6 years ago from Summerville, South Carolina

      Thank you MRSSWJB for your insight. I think your conclusion was very strong. More people need to take responsibility for their actions.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I found this article to be very interesting. Often times us humans like to mask real issues with our own truths. I also found the part about the shot to the ego very true. I, myself, am a lover of people so I don’t see color, sexuality, and life choices as a hindrance for establishing a relationship. However, I do have a problem with those who mask who they really are for the sake of how society will label them. I feel that in this day and time love should not have stipulations. I also feel that if there are going to be issues attacked within the relationship that it should revert back to real issues. The real issues at hand is being faithful and being honest with your heart. The flesh is weak but the heart is fragile, so carrying on multiple indiscretions can be very damaging to another person’s spirit and mental health. I always say that whatever action you choose to take inside or outside of the bedroom you must own it and not be ashamed. Great Post!

    • AMarie Jackson profile imageAUTHOR

      AMarie Jackson 

      6 years ago from Summerville, South Carolina

      Thank you so much for your comment. I can't say that you will always agree, but you will always find something profound to consider.

    • profile image

      Isys C. 

      6 years ago

      Well said! I do think it's interesting that the gender most times is indeed the subject...overshadowing the fact the mate was unfaithful to begin with.


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