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The kissing culture

Updated on April 18, 2015

Kissing is most enjoyable. It is emotional, erotic, and made as friendly gestures. However there is a value aspect to kissing. It is made to impress upon the idea of respect, reverence and esteem as in kissing someone's hand.

Kissing is part of our global culture, engaged in by many different individuals in many societies across the globe, and is something that is normative.

White, blacks, colored, tanned, different races, everyone engages in kissing. It is one of the innate features of the human race. In some societies, people openly kiss in public, in others kissing is made in private. The issue of morality certainly comes into it. Others are more open about it, others closed, depending on the nature of society and its mores.

Kissing is an act of fondness. It doesn't necessarily need to be sexual or erotic. It reflects human bonding made by both men and women to express certain states of emotions that leeway from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Does it express ourselves as humans? Well, it probably does from the traditional, developing and highly industrialized societies, kissing is there for emotional release and as an act of social interaction.

In western societies, the kiss, expresses emotions between men and women reflecting love and endearment and there is a physical sense about it.

However, and today as well, kissing has become a form of expression between same-sex genders, of men and women attracted to each other. It seen as normative, not unusual and accepted as part of society.

In the Arab world, kissing in public, i.e., as in kissing between males and females is frowned upon. However, it is normal for two men to kiss each other on the cheek as a form of greeting and friendship.

It is culturally accepted that men kiss each other and nothing is thought of it. It is different in the West where kissing is a male-female affair, it is the prevailing culture, values and attitudes. Nothing is thought of it when two people kiss in public and has long become the normal state of affairs. In France and probably it is in the United States its is okey for two men to kiss as greeting, but not so in Britain.

Men do not generally kiss in public unless they have an ongoing sexual relationship with each other. The same is true for women. This kind of relationship as signified by the kiss is increasingly being accepted. However, it is more accepted if two women kiss when the greet each other and nothing is thought of it.

Whatever the case people kiss for enjoyment, for friendship, for love and because its part of our culture!


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Thanks for comment.

    • Daelyn H Appleton profile image

      Daelyn H Appleton 6 years ago from Seattle, Washington USA

      There is certainly a lot of truth to what you said here. Interestingly your views of social kissing also depend much on which part of the country you come from or what your family's cultural background is especially if you live in the United States. For instance I am originally from the northern part of the United States and although we were generally affectionate to close friends and family we did not offer a kiss even on the cheek or even a hug as a form of greeting on a regular basis. (Hugs might be offered for close friends or family never strangers and usually only if you have not seen them for a long time.) However, when I moved to the southern part of the United States to south Florida there is a large hispanic and islander population there and kisses on the cheek are frequently offered there as a normal form of greeting to the point that if you don't offer them some will think you are anti-social. This was a problem that I first encountered when I moved there because I was not used to it and felt uncomfortable to kiss a stranger or even an aquaintance since it was not something we did where I grew up. So I agree that it definitely has a lot to do with they way your society views it.