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There is Something about The Man..

Updated on August 15, 2011

If only in my mind...

The Connection is it real..

This man does it for me.. to me...He has his own ring on my phone. When the phone plays his tune,so does my heart..What a man.He makes me laugh and listens to all the things that go right and wrong.Always a kind word no matter how sharply I may speak.Once in awhile he will call me down and say" hold on there baby this is Me you talking to".He calls me in the middle of the day first thing in the morning and sometimes before bed.

He is never jealous of where I go or who I spend time with has cared enough to know my friends names and what position they hold in my life.He makes excuses for my kids and tells me when he thinks they have gone to far,or when he thinks they should show a little more respect.

I know he is a gentleman though he hasn't ever opened a car door for me or ever bought me dinner..

In spite of these things I would love for him to do., I find I think of him constantly, and I can tell him anything, and do.

We haven't ever kissed or made love,but the sight of him sure blows my skirt right up, in fact the thought of him is enough to make me think about showing up at his door step in the wee hours of the morning!..LOL

He is very complimentary about what I wear and says he likes the red lipstick the best on me. Loves it when I wear a short skirt and heels and tells me I still have it at 55.

Yep, there is something about this man for me... He had me at hello,the better part of a year now ,I cannot wait to finally meet him.

The dilemma

Is it possible to really know someone through correspondence alone? Should you not rely on the inter net to decide feelings for, of, and, or, about someone?


No...I find it isn't..

I made the very long trip just to be sure..sometimes the fantasy is soooooooooo

much nicer than reality..LOL

Still,I had to know for myself...


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      I don't mind at all..

      yes strange but then the inter net is strange and hey..

      sometimes fantasy is so much better then reality..

      maybe i will never meet him..LOL


    • wholesaletoys profile image

      wholesaletoys 6 years ago from El Monte, California

      Strange Hub if you don't mind me saying so. You have never met him?