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Not A "Superwoman!"

Updated on March 3, 2021
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

In today's world being a strong woman empowers and frees females from being dominated negatively by men in the workforce. It's no secret, women have developed and come a long way in their career, but still far from being equal with men.
In today's world being a strong woman empowers and frees females from being dominated negatively by men in the workforce. It's no secret, women have developed and come a long way in their career, but still far from being equal with men.

What are your thoughts of women in the workforce?

Women’s representation in the workforce has not improved, and being an African American woman means the numbers are even more abysmal. Women are less likely to have access to senior leaders; they are stepping away from the job because many are tired of dealing with discrimination. I am an African American woman that processes many skills which empower me to combine within the mainstream of society to contribute significantly.

The fact is that in today’s world, they often require women to perform multiple roles simultaneously. Some fathers come in various forms. But it is the woman who has to adjust her schedules to adapt to caring for the children.

In today’s world, women’s contribution to society, family, and the financial sector is significant. But to achieve that role, women often find themselves needing to perform multiple roles of different magnitudes.

This often makes a woman being pulled in many directions feeling like a “Superwoman.” There is no such thing as a “Superwoman.” You can find one only in a fictional story, playing a superhero character. In reality, the term “Superwoman” is just an expression that makes up for it assigns a woman to show herself with too many tasks and most of the time with no appreciation whatsoever.

By nature, a woman possesses some inner strength. But it is a question of debate whether a woman can be a wife, a mother, and can secure a suitable career.

Needless to ask is whether a woman can perform multiple roles. Often they were forced to perform multiple roles. Often it is not regarded as whether a woman should quit her career to attend the duties at home or juggle the responsibilities and maintain them both.

I think women can perform multiple roles in the home and her career. The core concern is how she chooses and priority her responsibilities between her career and caring for a family. A woman can balance between her family and career with the love and support of a life partner. Usually, a wise woman prefers a working partner and a loving home. With the right partner helping her in the home raising children, that woman will be placed on the right track of success in both family and professional life.

The Three Essential Duties of a Mother

  1. A Caretaker: a mother takes care of the children, the husband; she cooks, cleans, and ensures the home is in order on a daily. A mother rarely receives the two words she deserves. “thank you.”
  2. A teacher/supervisor: a mother takes the time to teach the children the essentials they need to prepare them to live a successful life. She supervises the children to dress and look their best, how to tie shoes, brush teeth, cook, wash dishes, clean the house, do laundry and ensure the homework is done.
  3. Problem Solver: At times children have a conflict with siblings and friends, and the mother has to step in as the problem solver. During this time, the children will gain the ability to learn to listen to skills, be taught how to negotiate, and compromise over arguing and fighting. As a problem solver, a mother can teach children the importance of a positive attitude over a rude one and help them gain appropriate behavior that will benefit them for a lifetime.

A woman must know her role in the home

I learned the hard way that not only do you not have to be superwoman, but it's better not to be and not to try to be. What I would like to be is just a good person - someone who tries her best and puts her best foot forward.

Cindy McCain

A woman's role in the home

A woman has to deal with a countless number of tasks in her everyday life. Caring and pampering the husband, raising the children, taking care of elderly parents, be available for siblings, and be there for friends, doing the laundry, shopping for grocery, making dinner, keeping the house tidy and clean, at the same time maintaining her career. Without the support of a good life partner, it is really difficult for a woman to perform all this alone.

Even with her partner’s support, a woman needs to balance carefully between her family life and career. Children need the attention of their mother at all ages. Often a woman is left alone with the responsibility of raising children. In this situation, the woman needs to plan cautiously to maintain so that her responsibility to raise children do not contradict with her professional life.

A woman has a very significant role in the home and without her, the home will more than likely fall apart. She's dedicated to restoring hope in the home, the keeper of the home and can demonstrate her talents in many ways, such as being a mother, teachers, doctors, planners, directors and she can even take on the role of the head of the household. But her primary role is to give birth and preserve the human race.

In today’s modern and busy world, lots of women are performing their multiple superwoman like roles with utmost dignity and efficiency. They are maintaining a perfect balance between family and career.

For some women, it becomes difficult to continue acting like a superwoman. This is because they failed to safeguard the most suitable priority, that is whether they should put their family first or put themselves first and build a successful career. And often the decision she makes turns her towards failure because she prefers the wrong preference and is left alone to try to maintain.

No woman is a superwoman as no man is a superman. Both genders need support from each other. The right partner can make each other successful. Still, it is comparatively difficult for a woman even with the support and love of her partner as there are some specific roles which her male partner is not able to perform.

Like give birth to children and raise them for their first couple of years. When a woman can create an effective connection between raising children and performing her roles in the office, is considered to be a strong woman and eventually she is going to be a successful woman.


The song, "Superwoman" is echoed by Karyn White. She does an amazing job singing about a committed, loving woman caring for a man and family where she took her responsibilities seriously, but the man took her for granted. As he took her for granted, he assumed that she would always be available for him in every way.

Nobody deserves nor want to be treated such way. Karyn version of I'm not your superwoman meant she didn't mind being available and doing the things that need and expect of her, but she should be treated with respect in the relationship. Since she wasn't, she wants more from the male as well in the relationship.

It's only natural for anyone to want more than the minimum in any relationship. A relationship should be a 50/50 deal. Nobody wants to be in a one-sided relationship, both parties should be available and always committed to each other. When one person, not, it is just a let down by the person being taken for granted.

When two peoples in a relationship and part of a family, both parties should be available and loyal to create a happy home. The person who takes the other for granted and think it's okay does not deserve a superwoman or no kind of hero of any type. When it's the man he needs to know the woman is not a "Superwoman."

"Not a Superwoman!"

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Karyn White "Superwoman"

© 2018 Pam Morris


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