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Five Things Guys Don't JUST Do In Movies

Updated on March 7, 2015

1. Dance after their love interest kisses them

We have all seen movies like 50 First Dates where guys will do anything to get their love interest, and when they get that first kiss, a little celebratory dance comes along with it. Of course, that dance is never meant for the girl to see.

Adam Sandler himself has probably danced after a kiss. My boyfriend has! I started this article when my boyfriend and I were talking about his own celebratory dance. He told me that I would not see the dance until our wedding day. I asked, "Do you need that much time to make up a dance?" I thought the whole thing was a joke based on something he had seen in movies. As it turns out, movies are based on how people really act!

My boyfriend told me to ask any guy if they did a dance.. so I did.
I went on to ask real guys if they ever danced after a kiss or if it was part of the fairytale that is Hollywood.
It turns out that 53.3% of guys dance after a kiss with a girl who they love, 6.7% dance when any girl kisses them, 6.7% say that they haven't danced but they know guys who have, and 33.3% say it only happens in movies AKA they obviously haven't met a girl worthy of a dance!

2. Give one another real female advice

Some ladies out there may believe movies such as That Awkward Moment and Hitch are just completely unrealistic when it comes to how men talk about women. Yes, some men will say some awful degrading or dirty things about us behind our backs. But, some men will say sweet uplifting praises and ask their friends how to get that special girl.

For this subject I did not need to survey men to know that Hollywood is not making it up. I have two brothers, a boyfriend with lots of male friends, and guy friends of my own. My older brother might not talk to his friends about relationships very often, but that is just one type of guy. My older brother will never choose to talk about a girl, or to a girl over playing video games even though he is currently engaged. My boyfriend on the other hand talks to his friends about women on occasion. One of his friends is one of the more emotional men that I have met. My boyfriend admits that sometimes he feels a bit lame when talking about relationships with his friends, but it happens.

3. Act like we aren't crazy, even when we are

Sometimes women do overreact in certain situations, as do men, but women have always gotten stuck with the title "crazy!" I have met plenty of men who would calmly deal with a woman throwing food everywhere like Eva Mendes does in Hitch, and plenty that wouldn't. Sorry to reference the same movie twice, but it's just so good! Will Smith's Hitch would never call a lady crazy.

Some men would never stoop to calling a woman who they care about the other C word. Every woman should find a man who would never call her crazy.

4. Deny that love exists to attract women

For some reason, unbeknown to me, a lot of women are "fixers." They go for men that they want to be able to save. Maybe they are a little damaged themselves and want to feel special, being the only one that can save them. Who knows? Anyway, men like Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth have caught on.

I will admit I used to be a fixer, and I will never know why I went down that path. It is a dark path to follow. I followed it a few times if I am being completely honest. Two of them swore that love did not exist. Turns out, they just didn't want somebody to change their mind. Maybe they were scared like Gerard Butler, or maybe they just wanted to have fun.

5. Chase after us if we leave

Okay, who in their right mind hasn't seen The Parent Trap? What a classic! Maybe Dennis Quaid screws up the first time around when he is barely twenty, but who can blame him? He was still a kid. Once he has time to reflect on his decision and gets another opportunity, he does not let his ex-wife get away from him again.

A man who isn't afraid to show his emotions, a real man, will come after you. A silly fight and you storming off could never be the end of your relationship in his eyes. He will come after you and hope that you would do the same for him.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub, Emma. Voted up for interesting!

    • profile image

      Nicole 3 years ago

      Very helpful! So true and down to earth!