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What Attracts a Man to a Woman?: 10 Essential Things That Men Find Attractive About a Woman

Updated on October 11, 2017

Men by nature love women and find them appealing but there are certain things that make men more attracted to women.Men are visual creatures and can get attracted to a woman very quickly even without them knowing a lot about the woman.Apart from a nice butt or nice boobs here are other things that catch a man’s eye

1. A Cheerful woman

A cheerful attitude and a little giggle here and there can quickly melt a man’s heart.Men can be easily turned off by women who are depressed,hate life ,feel miserable or have a mean attitude all the time.No one would love to be around anyone with such an attitude.

2. A Well dressed woman

Men love good looking women who are full of beauty.They aren’t looking for a supermodel but they get attracted to women who care about their presentation.Dressing well can bring a change in your life.

3. Seductive voice

A low and soft voice is what most men find attractive and this is fortunately not so hard for you to use without it looking like you are trying too hard.You can exercise using a seductive voice over the phone though mastering this could take some time.

4. No make up

Women spend too much on make up yet they don’t have to.When women don’t use any make up,their real natural beauty is displayed and a large number of men do find women without makeup attractive.Men sometimes find it a turn off when they kiss a lady and they are left with smears of lipstick

5. A playful woman

Men are easily attracted to women who don’t take things too seriously and also worry less.They love women who are comfortable enough to the extent of being flirty and playful without worrying about her reputation while with him.

6. A woman who sets aside fears

Men are attracted to women who take risks.They find women who are too afraid to do something but do it anyway very attractive.

7. Emotional Intelligence

This doesn’t mean woman who is a book warm,philosopher or intellect.It means a woman who is present and keeps a man on his toes.A woman who is responsive,sharp,witty,and alive.

You have to stop complaining about your bad past,regrets and also stop worrying about your future and live in the present,here and now.A man will be more attracted to a woman who can look at his eyes and see that they are together here and now and not just gazing into the space and having a million thoughts.

8. Not “Needing” But Wanting

There is a big difference between needing and wanting.Needing is being in a position that you feel you cannot live without this other person while wanting is to be fully secure with yourself to a point that you can live without the other person if need be but you choose to be with them because you want them.Women that are needy are fearful,anxious ,jealous,full of self doubt and lack self confidence and this is a real turn off and unattractive to men.Men find women that are self confident enough to want and not be needy very attractive.

9. Integrity

Men are attracted to women of integrity.This are women who have a set of values and live up to their standards.When a woman says one thing and does the opposite,she looses a man’s trust and respect.

10. Willing to bend rules

Women who have rules and always follow them but can still say the rules wont matter this weekend are very attractive to men.

This are just but a few things that will make you stand out from the rest.This things can also make your relationship grow and make your man feel more emotionally attracted and want to stay in a relationship with you.


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