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Things We'd Like To Hear From Our Girlfriends

Updated on September 4, 2014

Understand this:

  • It's not in their nature.
  • If your girl said these thing she would probably be a man.
  • They also want us to say things we will never say

Who doesn't understand who?

Do you spend time asking yourself if someday will you listen her telling you that little thing?
You just don't know why she does not understand that you are "her wild beast"?
Wake up friend! Your girlfriend will never say it, there are things that women were not programmed to say, unless your girlfriend's chromosomes have some masculinity on them and she understands men (hey, if this is your case then never let her go, unless she's so masculine that sends you to the hospital every time you forget to take out the trash).

Warning: Don't Ask Her To Say This Things

Do not tell her "You know? It would be nice to sometimes hear you say...." Believe me.
Do not tell her "You know? It would be nice to sometimes hear you say...." Believe me. | Source

Here's The List

You'll never hear your girlfriend saying this:

1. Drink more, I love watching you vomit.

Women want someone who can return them home safely, if you end up losing consciousness at every party you go, what is this telling you? Unless she has a drinking problem and loves that you also get drunk with her.

2. What a cute trucker belly you have, I love it.

If when you met her you were weighing 130 pounds and now you weight 218 is very likely that she doesn't like your conformity, it means that you have ceased to strive to look good for her, if we add to this that you no longer use deodorant, she will hardly flatter your growing tummy.

3. Honey I'm done washing your car, do you want me to make your bed?

I mean, come on! Your girlfriend is not your slave, it´s more likely that if she makes your bed while you wash HER car then she might propose that things get interesting (blink).

4. Forgive me, I was wrong. You are right again.

Do you honestly expect her to say this?

5. You burp like a real lion ... I love my Simba.

When trust has exceeded the limits and you burp in front of her, you fart in front of her and defecate without closing the door is more likely that she begins to feel a little disgusted by the man who once liked her so much.

6. Yes dear, those shoes you gave 3 years ago are still good.

It is not that she wants gifts every day (unless she's interested in your wallet and not you) but if you stopped to give little details occasionally then get ready because what you'll hear will be complaints.

7. My sister said you were looking at her when she was swimming, she's crazy! you would never do something like that.

She does not want you to see the beautiful bodies of other women than her, don't do it in the street, don't do it at parties, and definitely do not do it with her sister!

8. Honey when you return from the bar wake me up to warm your food.

Here we mix two previous points: she doesn't want a drunk guy, and doesn't want to be the servant of a drunk guy.

9. Darling stay here... I'll change the tire.

Being a gentleman in modern times includes knowing how to change a tire, it is simple, it would be an exaggeration to include knowledge of mechanics, not everyone knows. but she will be grateful if her man gets her out of troubles.

10. Your mother called again, she will stay with us all this month! isn't it great?

Just like you do not want her mom meddling in your relationship the same way she doesn't want your mom to be hanging around without leaving you both a moment alone, a couple does not include mothers, or fathers, or anyone else.


Not So Difficult

I know you do not want to mess up your relationship, if so, why would you be with her?
It definitely would be funny to hear your girlfriend calling you "Simba" but let's face reality: they want a relationship of respect, trust and communication, if you know how to mix that with your wild instincts then you will have found the key to achieving perfect understanding of women, and I would be willing to read a book or two about it.


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    • Jesus Baray profile image

      Pato Garcia 3 years ago from Mexico

      Haha thanks a lot! =)

    • monia saad profile image

      monia ben saad 3 years ago from In my Dream

      good advice and that's funny :)