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Things You Personally Wouldn't Do In A Million years

Updated on January 25, 2016
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Marc is a journalist and event planner who has long been involved in the cultural world of Durham. Can also find me on other social media.

I am sure we all have things that we couldn't be made enough money to do....For you, it might be climbing a super tall mountain or skydiving or going camping in deep woods for fear of a bear.

I know that I am not a big fan of the sight of blood so I don't think my parents ever had to worry about me being a doctor or a war correspondent when I decided I wanted to go into journalism. Suprisingly, my brother is definitely more of a risk taker may have a similar aversion to blood, or maybe it's just blood that isn't his own. I remember years ago, when I broke my arm, and they had to take some blood, my brother Malik got very queasy and my Dad found this somewhat funny as when he was a kid, he was definitely accident prone. But, I also love his classic answer, "That was my blood, this is my brother's blood" or something to that effect...Of course, since that time, he has broke his leg twice while running ultra endurance races....And, also since that time, I have had relatives including my Uncle Randy in the hospital plugged up to machines given them blood transfusions...And, no matter how many times I see, I am still not a fan of blood.

And, I know that I definitely am not a big fan of heights or doing any sort of free falling...So I don't think Bungee Jumping and definitely not Sky diving are in my future anytime soon. Now, I have a friend who has been once and loved it, but then again I think she is somewhat of a thrill seeker. She has been saying for the last few years that she wants to get a group of people and go do it again. if she goes, I may go with her but I can assure you i I will be watching from the ground.

Ironically, I might not mind trying hang gliding or even hot air ballooning...The basket just seems safer, and I definitely would not mind trying White Water Rafting even though I can't swim a lick.....

But, on the other hand, I don't mind announcing in front of thousands if not tens of thousands or even millions of people. And, I know that scares the heck out of others.....

I also am not a big fan of needles so I don't think you have to worry about me getting a tattoo or an ear piercing anytime soon...Those thing look like they are incredibly painful, plus what happens if you like the art of it as a fad in one moment and then decide that you don't like it later....Or what happens if your body spreads in ways different than you expected when you got it...I'm sure they can be removed, but I'm also sure that is probably a painful technique as well...

What are some of the things that are fearful to you and that you don't ever see yourself doing...Let's share some of our fears...who knows the conversation may help us conquer some of these fears.......


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