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Think of the Kids

Updated on October 21, 2016

Some events have a strict rule about being only adults. Many, however, allow children. This is especially true with weddings. I know we have all been to those events where kids are running around, bumping into people and things, and just creating a disturbing atmosphere. This can ruin an otherwise tremendous event. So how do we fix that? We try and focus on the children.

One way that has become very popular at many events, and can be fairly inexpensive would be creating some sort of activity book. Usually these are used at the “boring” parts of an event. Even though we might not see it is boring, it can really put on toll on those very short attention spans of children. One example would be the ceremony part of a wedding. This is usually because most guests arrive early and kids are left there to wait for what seems like forever waiting for it to start, and then to end. An activity book doesn’t need to fancy or large; it just needs to keep the attention of a child. There are so many different templates you can find all over the internet. You can make it specific to your event, there are so many to choose from. This is fun for the kids, and shows everyone you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is having fun.

At the reception, it is hard to contain all the energy a child has. Especially if you decide to have a some sort of sweets table, which just gives them extra energy. One thing I have found particularly helpful, and very simple, is to let the kids request a few songs from the DJ or band throughout the night. This way, they are excited and waiting in anticipation. Then when the song comes on, have the DJ or band make a big deal about how it is the children’s song, and all eyes will be on them. This will make them feel special, and give parents a chance to ooh and aah over their children.

These few tips will ensure that your event is enjoyed by all, while making sure your event runs smoothly and without chaos.


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