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Thirteen Ways to Attract and Marry a Rich Man

Updated on April 17, 2019
Jade Anibor profile image

I am a love coach and an on air personality; that has interviewed lots of rich men, and know their desires.

You can have him!

How to attract him.

Upgrade your portfolio.

Some might say; you mean package yourself? No! I do not like that word used on me because it sounds fake. You have to be real to get real things. You have to say; this is you, I am real. So when I mean upgrade, I mean upgrade. Now I hear you saying: I do not have money. Relax, let me give you a few tips on- easily but effectively upgrading your portfolio.

All you need to do is - enhance the words. If you are unemployed, say you are self-employed and self-made. Then you state your business. For example; I am a nail technician. Or I specialize in inserting both human hair and synthetic eye lashes.

If you make hair for a living and don't even own a salon, call yourself a mobile stylist.

If you are a cleaner in a school; say you are a non academic staff, in control of the environments.

And if you are just a low income earner in an ordinary establishment say, I am a receptionist, an office assistant or a secretary with a five figure salary. He would not ask how much that is. He will just be impressed. Even though five figure could be 15,000 naira.

Be smart or look smart.

Mind you, I did not say act. There is no need to pretend so it does not backfire right on your face. Let his eyes do the math. All you did was to look it right? A rich man needs to be sure you are smart enough to handle him and his wealth. They do not want to be worried about teaching you some basic manners. So when I say look smart; I mean do not look dull, shy or inferior. Get rid of any inferiority complex you might have. Be confident in your body, and abilities, no matter how shallow they might look to you. Your confidence will make him believe in your smallest ability.

Look rich.

Remember acting rich is not the plan here. Have you not heard the adage that says: if you want to make money in life, then you have to believe you can first. O yes! Let your appearance show that it's in you. And it will surprise you to know that looking rich is one very easy venture. Go buy your regular materials that you can afford, look up rich ladies styles on the internet, and give it to your tailor to sew. Or, go to your regular stores to buy what you can afford. But before you purchase, look up recent big designers, and do your match according to colors and fashionable trends. Or lastly on this particular tip; you can just go for first grades. I do that sometimes! First grade cloths are actually old stock that were not sold, and now being given out at very affordable prices.

Focus on the bigger picture, and follow these tips.

He can be yours forever!

Study the rich: Research on where rich men love to visit on vacation, where they love to shop, their best designers, best drink, and favorite food. And make sure you know most of the exchange rates, because rich men; spend higher currencies. Why is this important? You will soon became the wife of a rich man, you do not want to be a novice. Make him know, you are prepared to complement him to the fullest. Just surprise him with your knowledge!

Learn rich ethics: Such as, speaking, pleasantries, reasoning and eating habits. Just because you are from a very humble background, and a poor environment where people scream, and jump up while greeting; doesn't mean you can not do it right, and live right, and reason right. So learn the cultured way of eating, greeting and speaking, and reasoning. Doing this just makes you one of them and not among them! You will confuse his friends and companions, and they will have no reason to mock him concerning you because you just fit in perfectly. This is the twenty first century; everything is possible.

Mingle where rich men mingle: Alcohol now comes in small and affordable bottles. Save up and go to where rich guys hang out after work and, Sit at a visible table. Put your ears down for rich friends or friends of friends wedding invites, and attend during the event to be noticed. Just smile and glow, he will approach you. And if he doesn't; the next line is for you.

Reach out to him: Do not say: I am a woman, am not allowed to search. Girlfriend please! You are looking for that diamond, so you search! Do not give up on your dreams just because he says he prefers thin women, whereas you are on the big side. Search for rich men who love big women! It's that simple. Every man has a type, so find out his type and go for it if you fit in. Thank God for variety! Some rich men love thin ladies, others love short ones, some love fat or chubby ladies, there are others who love them tall with curves. You are someone's choice, and he is just a step away from you - find him and do not be discouraged.

This is you after you have gotten him.

It's high time you make him propose

Become busy: Yes you have gotten him, make him see your relevance and a reason to make you his forever. This brings to mind a saying: if you hold sand tight in your palms, it is most likely to slips through your fingers. But when you hold it loosely, it stays still. When you have gotten his attention, Call once a day, or text twice a day. Do not be a glue! You will stress him out. Remember he is wealthy; he is already stressed. So do not be this clinging needy girlfriend. Be his sophisticated, busy but attentive caring girlfriend; that just complements him.

Make a statement: Your text messages, calls, appearances, on every occasion and in whatever setting, should make a statement. It should be different and endearing. Not monotonous and boring. Be that humble sweet rich looking girl, he is not use to. Seeing you, will make him compare you (in his mind) to those spoilt rich rude girls, he was use to. And right there, he thanks God he found you! You are just everything he has been looking for, and now a dream come true. Keep your efforts great. Keep on improving on them, and keep him wowed forever.

Tell him your struggles: This is the part I love most, because here; you let it all out finally, and you have nothing to hide anymore. He loves you already, it is now time for him to love you more. Take him into your former world, of how you struggled and rose against all odds. He will marvel and be so touched. That will give him the desire to give you, all you ever lacked and now need. Tell him right then and there; that you need him, and cannot imagine life without him. Let him into your passion. Yes, that passion you have been trying to restrain; make him feel it firsthand, make him go wild and madly in love with your abilities, strength, attributes and deep love and respect for him.

Always put him first: Be his mother, sister, aunt, relative and everything. Make him believe he lacks nothing with you by his side. Cover all angles with your deep love and respect for him. Make him your lord on earth. He deserves every bit of it! Do not let your efforts be in vain, put him first.

Be his seductress: Enchant him with love, seduce him heart, and own him.

Spend his money: Or else someone else will; it is that simple. He has made money! And one of the reasons was to take care of his wife and the family they will have together. But the biggest mistake most women with rich husband's make, is making the man feel his money is not important, and his love is all they need. You have just hurt his feelings, making his efforts to maintain his riches - in vain. If he buys you diamonds, throw yourself on him! Kiss him and thank him! Tell him how much you love it and him! Flaunt it and make him proud. Please, do not complain on every gift he buys by saying; it's too expensive take it back, baby let's save so stop buying me gifts, I cannot accept it because you have done enough. Some women feel acting this way will make them a wife material and a good wife. To a rich man? No it won't! Because he has the MONEY! It will just make you a second choice, because someone else will make his wealth more relevant, and caress his ego by spending it - therefore making him feel more relevant and important in all areas.

Here is your ring!


What is your dream?
To be the wife of a rich man.
Where can you find him?
Go to where he mingles, and can be found.
Make him notice you, or better still reach out to him.
Look very relevant!
Act smart and look it.
Do not be this clinging needy girlfriend.
Make a statement on every occasion and be his seductress.


Do not forget to invite me for the wedding!

© 2019 Jade George Anibor


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