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Thoughts in love

Updated on April 9, 2012

Love is a silent feeling, sometimes not so silent. Its is different for different people. You can never get the same feeling twice from 2 different people. The feeling keeps evolving and you are just a student as love takes over as a teacher. All others who meet you on the way are fellow students.

All we got to do is love better and get good grades in this test of life. There are various ways to do it. You just need an open mind, a bit of creativity and a heart of gold. There is nothing that love cannot do. It makes kings go to war, rich men loose their wealth and wise men loose their mind. Like the philosopher said, "At the touch of love, every man becomes a poet" There is simply nothing that you cannot do.

Love makes you feel those butterflies in your stomach. There is nothing that stands in the way of love. When you first met your loved one, did you not get that feeling. You could do anything instantly. Mold yourself the way he/she wanted you to be. You could even turn yourself into superman ha. If you have a wife or a girlfriend who has been with you for several years, you should surprise her sometimes. Send her flowers or take her out for a movie or whatever you two like to do together.

Don't be surprised if you get loved like you have not experienced for a long time. Love is such that the more you give, the more you get and even if you do not just go with the flow and still love. It sure pays in the long run. When, where, how is just a matter of perspective.

Keep your mind focused on things that can help your partner. You don't need to demolish a building, just simple stuff that can make them smile and go 'awww'. The simplest of things could be to simply send her a text. Here is a free resource which will help you write ready made text for your lover. love sms messages

Kiss in the rains.
Kiss in the rains. | Source


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