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Three Best Ways to Capture a Woman's Heart

Updated on October 1, 2014

Most men want to captivate a woman. At least, a good man wants to captivate a woman. From my life I realize that when I was most captivated three things were the main factors: 1. sacrifice 2. selflessness and 3. Honesty and genuineness. For a good woman to be captivated it has nothing to do with money or sex. Take note; I said good woman.

Sacrifice. Most human beings equate sacrifice to love, and this could be why there are more Christians in the world than any other religion due to the story of the Cross. Nevertheless, I realize that the only man I ever loved deeply captivated me through sacrifice. Even though he was a man and he "had man needs" he never wavered in his purity or integrity. He showed me that even though he wanted me with everything inside of him, he was willing to wait on me till I was ready. All while remaining faithful. I didn't see this as just a gesture, I saw it as sacrifice, and it warmed my heart beyond words.

Selflessness. This is a very simple quality to securing a woman. When a woman feels secure you know she knows she is loved thus opening her heart towards you. In a marriage, selflessness is spending time with her or the kids even though you want to watch the game. In a dating scene, selflessness is riding the bike for 10 miles to see her without expecting sex. I have come to realize that a woman's biggest turn-off is a selfish man. So, men, don't be selfish.

Honesty and genuineness. Honesty and genuineness is the depth of loving a woman as I experienced from my life. Most mature women can smell a liar miles away. I detested it when a man lied to me, even to protect me. A good husband will protect his wife but also do the right thing. My best friend holds this quality and it is dear to my heart. He single-handed captivated my heart because of this trait. When I was being mean or rude, he told me I was wrong but in a gentle and firm way. I knew he loved me because he didn't try to excuse my faults, he wanted to help me be a better woman. God is like this also, except God teaches us mostly by experience not scolding.

I have come to realize that with these three things, it doesn't matter if my man drives a Bentley or a Mazda. He could still be my soul mate because he loved me right and showed me that I am more than sex, through his sacrifice. That I am worth traveling for through his selflessness; and that I am loved through his honesty and genuineness. Men are wonderful and they usually mean well. But with this guide, I hope they can act like they mean well.


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    • Idiyatu Akande profile image

      Esther Glory 5 years ago from Germantown, Maryland

      thank you!!!