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Three Rules To Picking Up Woman

Updated on March 31, 2012

Men we all get that feeling of butterfly’s n our stomach when we approach a woman that we have had our eye on for a while. As we approach we get that lump in our throat and think of trying no to make a fool of our selves while we also fear rejection. Not a good mixture when you approach a woman that you have wanted to ask out. I am going to tell you some little secrets that you need to just keep between us on how to maximize your chances asking that beautiful woman across the bar out for a night on the town. (Smile) now pay attention!!

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All meetings no matter what type have only one chance at a first impression. If you neglect this aspect then any woman you approach will immediately turned off. Women are very conscious of how you talk and how you dress. Dressing for success is a common idiom in the office it also reflects your success with woman so dressing appropriately helps. But, mostly woman will look into your character and personality so make sure you are on your best behavior.

Even if you have average looks or below average nothing will impress a woman more than then having a great appearance. If you have a fifthly appearance then of course this is a big no, no and will turn woman of faster.

First rule: Take care of yourself. Take a shower after sitting in the basement playing wow for 12 hours don’t just throw on deodorant to mask the smell it doesn’t. You get the idea. Woman will respond to your smell first it’s a natural thing they have developed over the entire human existence so if you want any chance at all take care of yourself first.

Second Rule: Is also paying attention to the little details that you need to also take care of yourself. That I mean cut your nails yes even toenails, Comb your hair and, and even smaller details like your eyebrows. Woman will detail you over and over so always be on your best.

I have come to the conclusion from doing this myself and talking with many friends and colleagues on what woman find to be the biggest turn offs in physical experience.

1.       A horrible cheap haircut

2.       Remember that mustard you spilled on your tie yea not so attractive

3.       Clean your nose out especially you hairy guys.

4.       While in the shower don’t forget to clean your finger nails

5.       Some don’t think about it but polish your shoes before going out they will notice.

Third Rule: What woman find more unappealing is the fact that men sometime express there insecurities to them on the first date. Well don’t it’s about listening to her and finding out what you both have in common. Not that you are still afraid of the dark and need your security blanket. Even in the aspect of physical appearance don’t talk about the fact your balding or you feel in adequate with a big beer belly there are things you can do to improve these things. If you cannot afford to then don’t be shy of these insecurities be proud of them that way you are not projecting a sign of weakness to the opposite sex but a feeling of being the alpha male.


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