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Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife

Updated on April 22, 2013

Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife

Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife
Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife | Source

Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife

Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife

Three Ways To Seduce Your Wife

Many times in our lives we grow complacent and forget about seducing our own wives. We go about the day, just like any other day and take for granted our lovely counterparts. Yes, our wives want us to seduce them at least once or twice a week. Therefore, how many of us men seduce our wives at all. If we have kids, seduction takes a backseat to our ongoing daily lives. So do we blame her for not looking as hot as when we went out for a night on the town? Of course not, but to send your wife flowers on occasion is sometimes all that is needed. This shows that you care for her and deliver to her feelings of love and compassion. The women in our lives need this show of affection on a daily basis not just here and there during the week. If your marriage is suffering due to financial, childbearing and are any other issues the time now is to seduce your women. Let her know everything will be all right and go out and treat her well, like the first day you met her. The following three ways of seducing your wife should be practiced even if you don’t feel like it. She will appreciate it and you will know this.

· One way to seduce your wife is to send her flower's or better yet a bouquet of rose's to her place of work or to your house. Wherever she may be during the day is the place these need to be delivered. It’s very easy to attach in a note how you feel about your wife in a loving way. This wholesome task will go a long way in how she feels about you and your relationship. As men, we’re constantly at odds as to why women are so emotional, and this is one way of expressing a man’s sentiment to his wife.

· The second idea of seduction of your wife is to set up a special dinner that includes her and you as the sole guests. You can do this at least once a week or even twice a week depending on your schedule. However, make sure you let your wife know ahead of time so she does not cook a meal on that same day for your dinner date. This type of atmosphere with the both of you in a quiet restaurant can give each other undivided attention. This is very special for not only you but your loved one as well. This keeps the dating into marriage alive and kicking. The process is basically to keep dating your wife even though you’re married. In doing this, sparks will ignite just like they did when you first met. That is the goal to seduction.

· The last seduction techniques are to role play and have fun with each other. How does one do this? Possibly, one technique is you play her, and she plays you. In other words, when five o’clock comes around, and are both home change roles. You take on the role of your wife, and she takes the role of the man. This can be great fun, even so. It may not last long. The fact is your seducing your wife, and she is seducing you by role play. If you can have fun with each other, then all the seduction techniques will just add to your happy marriage. Staying positive in a negative situation is tough to do for both people. Nevertheless, if you go and start enjoying your life by doing some odd and unusual activities, it will keep your memory fresh and your spirits alive. This is what we call living. That is a reason for the role play is to see what the other person thinks of how they are in real life. Be careful though that this does not get out of control. One thing we do not want to happen is for people to get their feelings hurt by mimicking the other person.

To sum up, the seduction of your own wife may sound silly to a lot of men tipped out in the world. However, the truth is, we don’t do enough seducing, are there would not be so many divorce cases in the lawyer’s office. This article came to mind, not because I’m married, because I am not. Mostly, I witness women daily and see the dissatisfaction and delusions that their husbands don’t love them anymore. Whilst the cases of some of these women are true to heart. I cannot seem to understand how modestly seducing your own wife can be so tough on a man who is married. I’ve listened to many women talk about the unpretentious things they wished their spouse would do for them. I only listed three of them in this article. I made none of this up. This came from the heart of hearts of beautiful cosmopolitan looking women. This is just information for some of the men out there who are lucky enough to have these women as mates. Expectantly you will practice seducing your wife tonight.


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    • tomy101 profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Hyer 

      5 years ago from Midland, Texas

      I see your from Austin , I am about 4.5 hrs west of you in Midland , Tx. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Keep love going . Take Care and Thank You.

    • iguidenetwork profile image


      5 years ago from Austin, TX

      Wow, that's a thoughtfully-written article, something to spice up our marriage. I will follow these tips definitely, thanks for your help. Up and useful. :)


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