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Three factors to a good relationship

Updated on September 23, 2010

Strong Foundation

 What makes a good relationship? There are many factors that make up a good relationship, but the topic focus here is on a solid foundation. Your foundation is consisted of what your relationship is centered upon. Many relationships fall due to a weak foundation and many couples try all the wrong things to fix it. There are three main factors to strengthening the foundation, the first important factor to focus on in strengthening your foundation is to have a God-centered life and relationship. Too many couples fail in this area and try all sorts of counseling, relationship books, and watch good ol Dr. Phil, but the majority of the time it never works. So a God- centered life and relationship should be one of the biggest focus points of a relationship. Going to church together, worshipping together and reading the Bible together will help strengthen the foundation tremendously.

The next factor in stregthening your foundation is trust, without trust the relationship will collaspe. Its so funny how so many couples fight like they are still in high school, never trusting the other partner, always thinking he or she is off cheating, these kind of thoughts are unacceptable and should be deleted out of the mind immediately. Trust also stregthens love for one another which helps all aspects of the relationship. If you can't trust your partner, then you should not be together.

The last factor is friendship, which is a lot more important than what one might think. Most of the time relationships are love only relationships, where the couples can't be friends because they are lovers, but in fact your partner shouldn't just be your friend, but instead should be your best friend. When you are married to someone, that is your life partner which means you will spend the rest of your life's together, so why not be best friends? you should be able to discuss about anything to each other, joke with each other and go do fun things with each other. It shouldn't always be about the romance, because there is no balance then, its just all about the mushy, ushy love which becomes overwhelming after to much focus is on the one thing.

So the three main factors, a God-centered life and relationship, trust and friendship is what makes a solid foundation for relationships and should be worked on daily. Thanks for reading, hope the advice helps and God bless.


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    • profile image

      Zama Mbuli 20 months ago

      Thanks for sharing this

    • profile image

      Barbara 4 years ago

      I want to appreciate for bringing my boyfriend back to me. I am living with my boyfriend now and we are getting married in 2 month time. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. You are wonderful spell caster......Barbara