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Times are Changing Folks

Updated on November 11, 2009

Head of Household

Changing roles.

Used to be that the man of the house went out and worked. He brought in the money, paid the bills, bought the groceries and the diapers.More and more these days the woman is the professional and often times brings more income into the household than men can or do.

The man figure in a relationship was always considered as being the leader, the stronger partner of the relationship. He was considered to be the provider the figure to be looked upon as strong, courageous, diligent. The guardian of the family.

Over the past several decades we have seen a shift in the roles being played in the family unit. More and more women have left the homemaker position and gone to the workplace environment to also be providers. In some ways this is good because it empowers women and allows them to have lives that twenty years ago or more would have been considered taboo to men in some ways. The trend of more women taking on the responsibility of being provider and bringing in the income has become a necessity in todays economy.

I do not believe that was the intention at first when women started fighting for equal rights during the beginning of the feminist movement. As we see all of these changes manifesting and affecting the family structure, we also can't help but notice the empowerment it has brought to women in general.

My personal belief is that women have always been more powerful than men, they were just way better at hiding this fact until the time was right to unleash their true powers. i am amazed at the strength of modern women or at least the character that they display as being dominant and completely assertive in all things.

I guess I am going a little off topic and admiring the women here, when I am supposed to be showing the love for the men. Well, by George Washington, I am a man and my hat is off to all the guys out there who are dealing with those I am women hear me roar gals, who tell you what they're gonna do and tell you sit and listen carefully, this is how it's gonna be boy.

I know I'm not gonna win a medal or anything, but I would like to say, Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and are serving, man and woman alike!

Guys, if your gal wants to treat you right every once in a while, by all means, let her and thank her for taking the initiative to make you feel special and loved too!

Work Work Work


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    • Artin2010 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Thank you for commenting John and also Watch Tower. It is nice just to know somebody out there actually reads what I write occasionally. I like what you've said about God making Eve from the rib out of the side of man. Very unique view.

    • Watch Tower profile image

      Watch Tower 

      8 years ago from New Zealand

      God saw Adam the man was lonely, for all the animals that had been created and named could not comfort him. So God Laid Adam to sleep and took a rib from Adams Side and Made a Woman Eve. Does this not speak clearly of Gods Will and Plan for the role of Husband and Wife. He didn't take a bone from the back, that wife would always be walking behind, nor from the front where wife would always be in front of husband. He created Adams wife from his side, so they would be equals,and walk side by side.9ok i know its not a direct quote from genius)

      It was Man the Male that twisted this, for their own power and greed, (The Jewish faith did it first, then later the Catholic faith did it)I totally agree with John Cain. It is only now in the late 20th and early 21st century's that the power balance is being addressed. As far as decisions made with out emotion by men is well, a load of crock, The real difference is, woman were never taught to hide and bury their emotions, where as Men were and are. Men can bring just as much passion and emotion to their work as any woman. Yet first they have to allow themselves to feel, and to express their feelings, instead of this bravado bull, and that you are not a real man if you show/ express emotion. the so called gender war is a farce yet it continues simply out of pride from both genders.

    • John Cain profile image

      John Cain 

      9 years ago from Dayton, Texas

      Artin, I really enjoyed this hub brother. I truely agree with your statement. I think that a couple ( husband and wife) could be a powerful source if they would lay down the attitude of " Im better than you " and apply thier abilities in the same direction, for the same cause, and for the same goals. Bless you brother.

    • Artin2010 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Thanks skye2day for stopping by. I will check out your hub too! Blessings friend.

    • skye2day profile image


      9 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Hi artin2010, Man Needs woman. Remember Christ created Adam and said he needs a woman.

      Christ knew the plans and has prepared woman for the 'working' field over the centuries. I still believe man should take the responsibility of leading his family to the Lord and being the role model for his children. The wife as well has her role. Proverbs is awesome about sharing the plans Christ has for his children. If the command was followed there would be Godly family structure and fewer broken homes. The good news is Christ can turn all things for good to those that love him. Blessings to you and yours. Please check my hubs, when you have a moment. Hugs

      Welcome to hub pages, you will get lots of fans. you and yours and welcome aboard hub pages. Pls visit my hubs when you can. Hugs

    • Artin2010 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Thank you all for the great comments.Two can be one and one can be two, it seems. God is Father and will always be there to stand in protectivity of each and every one or two of us. I have been blessed to know togetherness and singleness, the breadwinner role and the stay at home parent role. It's all good as long as we allow the True Father of all to guide the steps along the way.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Good one artin2010, a blessing to read.

      I need to pass along a hug to Judah's Daughter for her role as both Mom and Dad and agree with her completely.

      I would be lost without Mrs. Quill, we are one and yet we are individuals allowing each other the respect to grow and become who God calls us to be. When I prayed to the Father to provide a Godly Lady in my life, one which I could be equally yoked with. He really completed the request.

      God has proven He is a God that provides as He gave me all I requested and far more than I deserve. Mrs. Quill can become whatever she would like and I would never hold her back, should I try I would be standing in God's way.


    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 

      9 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Men and women are perfect together as a team when they use their God-given abilities to bless each other. My understanding is men have a third more blood than women, making them physically stronger (most of the time); they can focus on one thing at a time and make less emotional, but more rational decisions (as basic instinct). Women have learned to do this, yet their hearts and emotions are what bring the passion into life! They can focus on many things at a time, too!

      It's good to know that God made both men and women smart and able to make money, but also when it comes to basics, I know I'm still a natural at home-making and child-raising, and love a man who can chop up the wood for the stove, do the yard-work, fix or upgrade the house, etc...

      I've been a single parent now for 10 years and am thankful that God is my Husband and has given me the ability to be both "Mom and Dad" in many ways :-)


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