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Finding bi/pansexuals through Tinder (Hack)

Updated on October 24, 2016

Seeking bisexual/pansexual friends/dates

How to hack Tinder so that you only get bisexual matches….

If you only want to date bisexuals or pansexuals… how do you find out which they are on Tinder? You can select for [] men or [] women… but you can’t select for straight, bi/pan, or gay….

You have to have a facebook acct to log into Tinder. If you go to your facebook account and set it to the opposite gender… (if you are female, looking for bisexual males, then set your gender to MALE)… and when you log into Tinder you will need to change the gender of who you are looking for to MALE (it will automatically select the opposite gender of what you selected on fb)…. now you will only get men who were looking at men! And if any of them ‘like’ you, then the odds are VERY HIGH that they are bi/pansexual bc you would be looking at men, who are looking at men;) So if they decide to ‘like’ you then they would have to be bi/pan, in theory;)

You will get very few hits... far fewer than you would have if you had put our accurate gender, but isn't it worth it if you are seeking a specific subset?

Males seeking pansexual women...

Now, if you are male, you need to set your facebook profile to FEMALE, and then select the [] female box on Tinder... and if Women are looking for women, and they choose you, then the odds are good that you have found a pansexual:)

Pansexual: Attracted Regardless of Gender



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