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Tiny Little Pieces of Me

Updated on August 8, 2009

 Shattered little pieces, shards of broken glass

falling, tumbling to the floor

Scattered over cracks and crevices

what purpose am I here for?

Teeny-tiny pieces of a splintered, broken heart

all alone, isolated, dying a slow death

I feel my heart, yet outside of me

beating, beating, more..... sloooowlyyyy.

Darkness begets us all at times

deep within our warm, beating tome

a place now hollow, devoid of hope

despair and negativity feel so much more like home.

A heart that trusts is one that loves

breathing, beating for these, lone things

entrusting itself in another's hands

for happiness and love, it brings.

The pain a heart feels when it's broken, shattered

hurts deep, down within

cutting deeply, slashing tragically

opened up, raw, crushed... never will trust again.

If I could make you realize how terribly I hurt

would you care, would you change, would you not hurt me again?

I bleed pain, every time you hurt me

Pain seeps out ever crack and crevice in my body...

through my eyes, as I see you...

through my ears, as I hear you...

through my nose, as I smell you...

through my mouth, as I say your name.

I wonder why you promise things

and never follow through

The only reason I can explain, is...

you don't love me the way I do you.

Instead of lies unending and promises never, ever kept

why, I ask, can't you be honest

telling me the way you really feel

this would be, for me, so much easier to accept.

But, the scattered pieces across the floor

I'm hoping that you'll mend

picking up those tiny, little pieces of me

my heart, that I once trusted to you

when I, once upon a time, loved you and called you friend.


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