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Tips On Choosing Wedding Readings

Updated on August 9, 2010

Tips On Choosing Wedding Readings

Wedding readings are considered to be a vital part of any wedding because they are known to help set the mood right. However, choosing the wedding readings sometimes becomes harder than what most people had envisioned. This happens mainly because one has to choose readings that are not only suitable, but they also are a reflection of what the couple feels for each other. Although it is common to get readings from famous poets and other famous people, the readings should be personalized so that they make sense to the actual couple getting married. Shakespeare is famous poet who many people quote during their readings but since he lived so many years ago, his poems may not necessarily be connected to modern times or at least the wedding couple. Since such poets are very commonly quoted, people should add a personal touch to the poems so that they can be personalized to the two people getting married.

Many people today have realized that one of the best tips on getting great wedding readings from more modern poets who are also famous. It would be even more appropriate if the wedding couple had a favorite poet and their words would ring more meaning in their lives. Although it is the norm, not all wedding readings should be based on romance and love. Readings can be drawn from some comical or funny sources based on how well one knows the couple. When using such sources for readings, it is important to ensure that one does not cross the line and hence make the couple feel insulted or embarrassed. Therefore it is important for a person to understand the couple’s sense of humor before making the reading so that they know if the couple will find it funny. In addition, some wedding readings can be based on the couple’s personal lives although this should be done carefully so that the couple does not feel that too much was exposed about them.

Sometimes just getting a source for wedding readings may be the most difficult part of the process. In this case, people are known to quote from some of the most bizarre sources possible such as plays and movies or even the constitution. However, it should be one that either the bride or groom has watched or is aware of to ensure that it makes sense. To know that a wedding reading has accomplished its purpose, the guests at the wedding and the couple will have a sense of comfort and will all feel the love shared between the newlyweds.


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