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Tips On How to Win an Argument With Your Girlfriend

Updated on February 24, 2012

Arguing is no fun. When it comes to arguing with your girlfriend, the emotions that fill your veins are sometimes unbearable. Most men has felt this way. Why is she so unreasonable? Why doesn't she understand what I'm saying? These are all questions that can potentially kick start an argument.

But, haven't you noticed how most of the time, things don't get better until you (the man) decide to apologize?

Well things will change, my friends. I've come up with a couple of tips that will ensure that the next time you argue with your significant other, you'll win. And by win, I mean, end the fight and get her to apologize first!

Impossible as it may seem, it can be done by following your own selection of tricks from the list below.

Crawl into a ball and shiver

Men, though this may seem as though I'm telling you to submit, I'm not. By crawling into a ball and shiver (this tip won't work as well if you're ridiculously tall), you'll get precious moments to yourself. You may even be able to take a short nap.

On the exterior however, your significant other will see you as cute and vulnerable, and will HAVE to stop fighting because the guilt of yelling at a round object is just too much. And if you have coupled this with the shivering, then she doesn't stand a chance.

Men, try this and you'll be happily mistaken. Your pride may have been wounded for a moment or two, but the satisfaction of a calm house with calm people cannot be understated.

Bite your tongue, suck it up...

This tip sucks, I know. But sometimes the best thing to do is just let your significant other let out all the frustration she has... then when you need to let out some frustration, go beat some golf balls. You never know, maybe you're so frustrated that you end up getting very good at golf!

But all joking aside, not fighting back tends to work rather well when trying to end a fight. No matter how angry she is making you, no matter what she says, just suck it up. You could even go as far as start to "zone out" - that way, you don't have hear all the damaging and hurtful things she'll say when she's angry.

Promise to do nice things

Promising to do nice things like give your girlfriend a massage, or buy her a nice gift next time you're out is a great way to squash any spurts of anger and frustration. Your girlfriend may see right through your intentions when you promise her that you'll do nice things, but women ENJOY nice things. There is no getting around it. Give her a choice between a Honda Accord and a BMW 3-series, and she'll (more often than not) go for the BMW. You might be thinking, "Who wouldn't go for the BMW?"

Well, gas mileage my friends, gas mileage!

Nonetheless, promising to do nice things will ease the tension of an argument. But remember, you HAVE to follow through with your promise. Not following through on that massage you promised, or that nice gift can lead to even more devastating consequences. You know what I'm talking about...


If you try these three tips, you'll surely win your next fight or argument with your significant other. You don't even have to use all the tips, hand pick a few that seem relevant to your relationship. Remember that you're playing up to the feminine instincts of needing to protect vulnerable things (kittens, puppies, you get my point), and also, the feminine desire to always be right. They don't stand a chance!

Good luck, men!


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      PapaGeorgeo 6 years ago

      amazing! good stuff. voted up : )